Geneva lakeside… icy wonderland, final instalment…

So from the west shore of Lac Léman (i.e. from quai du Mont-Blanc), we then headed towards the other shore.

And as I had mentioned in the previous entry, we decided to save ourselves some time by taking this yellow water bus called mouette (sea-gull in French) … which I had only recently found out that it has been taking passengers across La Rade (the end section of the lake at Geneva) for many years now (the company was set up in March 1897)! Oh well, better late than never … finding about this, lah! 😉

And the price for the boat ride? The same as for taking the bus or tram around the city … CHF 2.50.

And because we took the mouette, we were thus able to see this ice-covered pier from the lake …

… as well as this Pierre du Niton, a huge rock thought to be a remnant of the last ice age!

Hungry sea-gulls, probably hoping the couple would throw some bread to them … as we walked along the bank at quai Gustave Ador upon arriving near Jetée des Eaux-Vives.

As there was still quite a lot of ice near this area …  so people had to be careful not to slip.

One of the landing decks in the area, still heavily covered with ice.

The glare of the setting sun caused the ice underneath the deck to glow so beautifully against the water of Lac Léman.

Several more landing decks still beautifully covered with ice … and glowing nicely in the setting sun.

A close-up shot of the decks.

And an even closer-shot of the melting ice under the deck dripping into the lake!

See how the ice underneath this deck (which was tilting precariously to one side) glowed so beautifully in the setting sun …

… as were these half melting domes (which unfortunately were no longer as impressive as when the hubby had photographed them just a few days earlier on Valentine’s Day!)

Approaching the frozen harbour at Le Débarcadère … with the ice-covered pier in the background.

Although the ice sheets here were thicker than the ones we saw at the harbour in Lutry … only the foolish would attempt to try and step on them. Errr … like this person I know who thought she would test the ones nearest to the shore to see if they are strong enough to take her weight! hehehe .. 🙂

Pieces of broken ice and all sorts of rubbish (we hope from the boats that had sunk) were littered on this frozen harbour.

A close-up shot of the ice-covered pier across the frozen harbour.

The pier as seen from the jetty … in the sunset.

Close-up of the ice covering the pier.

People walking towards the end of the ice-covered pier.

Another view of the ice-covered pier as seen from the jetty.

After taking the shots that we needed … we then left the jetty and the pier behind …

… and headed to the other side of the beach (known as Baby Plage) to check out the frozen lake shore along quai Gustave Ador.

There were still quite a bit of ice on this side of the lake shore … as you can see.

One of the small jetty still quite heavily covered with ice …

… which we decided would make perfect spot for taking some shots! 🙂

The view on both sides of the jetty … of the frozen lake-shore.

Another view of the ice-covered jetty … looking so calm and glowing slightly in the setting sun. We decided to make this our last stop … before meeting up with the daddy-man … since I had almost covered the next part of stretch during an earlier visit when coming back from the parents a week earlier.

And before I end this last entry on the frozen lakeside of Geneva … here is one last shot of lake Geneva at sunset on that day … to cap on what had been a beautiful day along this frozen lakeside.

Hmmm … I wonder when the hubby and I will get to see this icy spectacle again …

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