Geneva lakeside… icy wonderland, part 5…

I had hoped to make this the last entry on the icy wonderland of the Geneva lakeside … but felt that it would not do justice to the many photos that we took on that day if I were to leave out too many of them. So, I am splitting the photos that we took on 18 February 2012 into two separate entries.

We spent  about 3 hours on that Saturday, going from one side of Lac Léman (Lake Geneva) to the other side … before finally meeting the daddy-man for a weekend stay at the parents’ place in Lucinges, France. And as it was a nice sunny day and not too cold … unlike during my first outing to see the frozen lakeside …  we had no problem spending all that time admiring and taking photos of this icy spectacle since we did not have to cope with the blistering cold and painful fingers while trying to take the photos!

There were many people out and about near the lakeside, enjoying the beautiful day and taking photos of the frozen lakeside.  And I was very happy to be able to finally spend enough time to take a good look at the ice that clung all along the lake shore and be able to take photos … if only most of the ice had not melted away!! haizzz …

I am sure that it would have been even more exciting an experience to see all that ice enveloping the lake shores of Geneva at the height of the spectacle during the cold spell. But still … ‘better late than never, better little than none‘ has always been my personal motto … so I was still thankful to catch the last bit of the frozen lake side before the ice is all gone lah!:)

So enjoy these photos (as usual, move the pointer of your mouse on any picture to display background information or click to enlarge)

Not much ice left, unfortunately.

In fact, I was quite disappointed at first when I saw how much of the ice had melted away … upon arriving near the lakeside (on the right bank).

Some of the signs which used to be covered with so much ice … were no longer so … and the ice was melting fast as you can see!

Thankfully, there were still parts along the lake shore that were still covered in ice ... simply not in the amounts that I had seen on the photos that the hubby had taken just a few days earlier!

The stretch of lakeside promenade that was still covered in ice that Saturday afternoon, nearer to parc Mon Repos.

But there were stretches where the ice had melted except on the rocks beside the lake.

One of the outer jetties on the lake covered with ice, emerging from the water like some ghostly two-masted ship.

A small marsh beside the lake … no longer covered in ice. We decided to head to this spot for some photo shots.

The two outer sections of the jetty structures as seen from that spot. One of them was full of seagulls!

The same outer jetty that was full of seagulls as seen from a vantage point only a few metres away …

… as we headed further down the promenade to another spot, at Perle du Lac (the pearl of the lake) .

This looked like another good spot to take some snapshots … as there was still quite a bit of ice on the pier.

Unfortunately by the time we reached this spot, called Le Débarcadère, suddenly there were several other people who had had the same idea!!

Initially, I thought I would just wait while the hubby went to the edge of the pier to jostle with the others for some nice shots from the spot. But after waiting for him for sometime, I thought … ‘what the heck, why am I waiting here for’, so  …

… off I went to join the hubby.  Some stretches were quite slippery … and as I did not fancy falling into the cold lake, I had to walk very slowly and carefully … like an old grandma! 🙂

I had wondered why the hubby took such a long time just to get some snapshots from that spot … but then he showed me what he was trying to capture …

Ahhh … he was trying to get some so-called ‘artistic shots’ lah! 🙂 …

… which I must say turned out quite well. Indeed, I think these are beautiful shots!

And this shot especially took a long time … as he wanted to capture the drip from the melting ice!

As for me, since my pocket camera could not do anything as fancy as this, I just contented myself with taking the scenery and...

with taking shots of the seagulls flying above the lake! 🙂

After having our photos taken at this spot by a kind lady, we then made our way back from where we had started our walk in order to go to the other side of the lake.

There were still some stretches covered in snow and ice along the lakeside promenade, like the one above.

While most people would walk on the right side of the promenade to avoid walking and stomping on the ice/snow (which would cause it to melt even faster) … there were those who chose to do exactly that.

Looking back towards where we had come from … and the circles of wet ground where some of the icicles had broken and the ice and snow had melted.

But this was where we were headed to … for our next photo stop … the jetty.

Still quite a lot of ice on this jetty. The hubby immediately left me to go to the other end so as to take some snapshots.

I followed slowly behind … but chose not to go as far as some parts were quite slippery … also so that I could help to keep an eye on hubby’s bag.

From where I was on the jetty, I could clearly see the icicles that had broken away from the parapet along the lake shore.

Since we were a little short on time … we had to give this stretch a miss (even though we could see so many people walking along this jetty) and proceeded to make our way to the other side of the lake.

In fact, we decided to save some time by taking the mouette (water bus) so that we could cut across the lake and skip having to walk along the bridge called Pont du Mont-Blanc.

Okay enough photos for now, I’ll continue with the icy views on the other side of the lake in the next entry lah!

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2 thoughts on “Geneva lakeside… icy wonderland, part 5…

  1. Thanks for you comment. If you come and visit Lac Léman (or Lake Geneva as the Anglophones call it), please note that the lakeside freezes only quite rarely. However, in summer, taking a boat cruise along the lake is a delight.


  2. Wow.. thanks for the amazing journey you gave me via your post!! That narrative made me feel as if I was just there.. watching you guys 😀 This lake looks so cool.. I should come and visit it someday.. right on top of my Must Visit list.


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