A sad day…

Ooohhh what a beautiful sunny day it was, yesterday … and quite warm too, with maximum temperature way above 10°C. But I cannot say that it had been a nice day at all … nope, definitely not!

In fact, yesterday was a very sad day for us … and we are still in mourning … oh yes, we are. And we are still feeling the pain… because we have lost something that was so dear to us … which had given us lots of pleasure.

Of course, we cannot say that we were shocked by its passing. But we were certainly surprised that it had to be so soon. At least I had thought it would be with us for another few months. Little did I know that yesterday was its last day … and then it is goodbye, forever … argghhhh … 😦

Ehh … what was it then that was taken away from us?

I feel sad just having to write down the words to describe what happened (in fact I even cried a little) … so I let the pictures do the explaining lah …

Such a sunny day, no? But for those of you who have been following my blog, can you spot what is not right in this seemingly nice picture taken from our balcony yesterday afternoon?

In case, you cannot …

… here is a closer shot of the spot that caught my attention while I was out on the balcony doing some dusting, yesterday afternoon. Now … can you see what I saw and understand my sadness, right?

The rows of apple trees are gone!!!! aaaaargh …

I should have suspected something was amiss when I heard the whirring sound of some kind of machine yesterday. But never did it occur to me that someone was hard at work cutting down our beloved apple trees!

At this time, the plum tree (seen above) and another two apple trees were still standing.  And as soon as I saw what was happening, I quickly messaged the hubby to tell him about it. He was just as surprised and as sad, if not more … when he heard about the felling.

The ‘gruesome’ scene that greeted me when I passed by the area about an hour later to go to the métro station  — not a single standing apple tree … nor plum tree!

Only the stumps of the trees that used to stand there remain … plus the cut trunks and branches of the apple trees … ooohhhh … 😦

I had to stand there for a while trying to absorb the scene and to calm my sad heart … before I could start taking photos of what used to be our favourite spot in the area that we live in. It was so hard to stand there and not feel affected … especially when I think of the wonderful times I had had, looking and touching the apple blossoms, trying to smell them … and then waiting for the apples to get bigger so that we could pick one or two to taste for the past two years.

The demolition guy hard at work on the plum tree … one that I had only discovered its existence just last summer … cutting it down. Hmmm … I did not even get a chance to taste the plums from this tree!

No more walking and passing by the apple orchard from now on. In fact, soon … when they start working on these empty lands to build the new residential building, I guess we shall not be able to even walk on this narrow path any more!

The landscape of this area is going to change soon … for the better … or for worse? Only time will tell.

But one thing for sure, it will never be the same again. All the open space that the hubby and I had enjoyed soooo much after we had moved here, will soon be a thing of the past. Soon, in a few months, even the two old houses below us will be torn down. It will be another sad day for us, when that happens.

Just as it was a sad day for me when I realised that these little jardin familiaux (communal garden plots) just next to the métro station had seen their last harvesting season!

But we were not the only ones feeling sad, for sure.

I also happened to catch this middle-aged lady (who lives in the house below opposite the apple orchard), out taking shots of the construction work that was going on around her.

I supposed she must have gone out to take snapshots of the cutting down of the apple trees and decided to take some snapshots of the construction works while she was doing so. The hubby and I could see the sadness in her face when we saw the zoomed-in picture that I took of her. I cannot imagine how she must have felt with all this happening around her home. Since she has been living in the area far longer than us … she must be feeling even sadder than us, who have only been here 2 years!

In fact, not even the beautiful colours during sunset that I witnessed yesterday upon coming home from class could help to lift my mood.

And it really was one of those very beautiful sunsets. Unfortunately, the colour of my heart yesterday was anything but grey … 😦

Our dearest apple trees … we will miss you so very much!!

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