Geneva lakeside… fun in the snow…

Do you remember my Valentine’s Day gift from the hubby? The set of shots that he took during his lunch time break and after work … of the ice along the frozen lakeside in Geneva? Well, I thought I had better start sharing on that so that I could share the rest of the photos that we took of the frozen lakeside (or what was left of the ice) when we went there on Saturday!

The hubby had decided to take an extra hour during his midday break on Valentine’s Day to be able to do some photo-taking at the lakeside as the weather forecasts were predicting some snowfalls over the next few days (… in other words, a rise in the temperature as snow will not fall if the temperature is too low … and which means that the ice would melt!).

And to help him save some time … from having to walk or take the public transport from his office to the lakeside … he left home that Valentine Day’s morning carrying a gift he had bought for me several months earlier (which he had hoped that I would be using for my whereabouts in Lausanne or to Sallaz) … my scooter! 🙂

So as you must already know if you have read my entry on Valentine’s Day, the hubby took lots of photos that day … more than 300 shots! But before I share the shots that he took of beautiful stretches of ice along the lakeside, I thought I  would share these shots first.

I had known that there was a lot of snow in Geneva that week (unlike in Lausanne) … but I did not know (not until I saw the shots that the hubby took) … that one could also do some sledging not far from the lakeside and with a beautiful view of Lac Léman! Oh wow …

The hubby, having dismounted from the scooter … because the ice made it too slippery to continue riding this two-wheeled mode of locomotion! 🙂

The elegant mansion at parc La Grange (literally, the park of the barn in French), built in the French style in the 18th century by a family of bankers. The property was bequeathed to the city of Geneva in 1918.

And the view of the snow-covered slope and the lake as seen from near the mansion.

I have never been to the area before so it was a surprise to me … to see it from the photos that the hubby took. Especially to see so much snow there was in that area. It looks a very nice area … as you can see from the photos.

Parc La Grange is considered to be one of Geneva’s most beautiful parks … I think you can understand why.

Several of the trees here are probably more than a century old!

A picture showing a view of part of the rose garden (roseraie in French), which was set up in 1946 … and is still Geneva’s largest rose garden! It is also the site for a contest of new rose creations, held every year.

Not only is it a nice place … but it seems that it is also an area where one can do sledging in the city of Geneva!!

The slope might not be as steep as the one at Chalet à Gobet or that at Chatêau d’Oex … but enough for the young and old to enjoy some sledging in the city lah!

And with a nice view of Lake Geneva to boot!! I loikeeee … 🙂

As open air concerts are held on one side of the park in summer … I believe that … this might be the occasion for me to visit this park in summer … with the hubby, of course! 🙂

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