Adieu little snowman, see you again next year hopefully…

We spent the weekend at the parents’ place in Lucinges, thinking that on Sunday we would go to some mountains near their place to try our new snow boots which we had recently bought at the military warehouse sale in Lausanne. Unfortunately, it rained that day, so we ended spending the whole of Sunday staying home. Hmmm … another Sunday bites the dust … with no trip to the mountains! Haizzz … ūüė¶

But luckily before going there on Saturday, we made a stop in Geneva to have another look at the ice along the lakeside (which is melting fast now that the days are getting warmer and sunnier). We spent three hours near the lakeside and had a nice time taking pictures of the ice near the lake and having our pictures taken, too! hehehe … ūüôā

Given the sunny Saturday and wet Sunday, the hubby was very concerned about our little snowman (bonhomme de neige in French) on the balcony. He was already starting to melt when we left him on Saturday afternoon. Thus compounded by the weather over the weekend … the hubby was wondering the state that he would be in after two days. However, since the hubby had to go straight to work from the parents’ place, he asked me to take a photo of our little snowman when I arrived home and to send it to him so that he could see the state the little bonhomme was in.

So the first thing I did upon reaching home was to see how our little man had been coping with the warmer weather. Uh, uh … not good … not good at all. He had¬†shrunk¬†quite a bit since we last saw him on Saturday.¬†So I took a snapshot of him and later emailed the photo to the hubby. Although our little man was in a bad shape, the hubby was still a little hopeful that maybe he would be able to see him for the last time this evening.

Unfortunately, when I went out to take another look at him just before 5:00pm, I saw that he had melted even more as today was another warm sunny day … and that not only his carrot nose had dropped to the ground but his sunglasses, too, and his bonnet was hanging precariously on his melting head.

Since we sometimes have very strong winds, I thought it was best that I removed the sunglasses, the bonnet and the scarf … before they would all get blown away should there be strong winds at night.¬†So the poor hubby did not get to see our little bonhomme de neige for the last time! ūüė¶

Going … ( … the little snowman on Saturday afternoon, just before we left) …

Going … ( … as he had looked this morning at 9.00am) …

Gone! ( … and what is left of him by 5.00pm … three small lumps of snow) …

Haizzzz … so sad to see him gone, so soon. But as I was telling the hubby, we knew that he would have a short life span. Unless the cold spell decides to come back with another heavy snowfall for a day or two … I suppose we will not be seeing him until next year! But only if there is enough snowfall on our balcony again, that is!

Nonetheless, his short time with us certainly brightened up our winter and our balcony!

So, until next year … adieu, petit bonhomme de neige. Tu nous manqueras!

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