In search of frozen lakeside scenes at Lutry…

I know that I had mentioned in an earlier entry about us planning to head to the mountains last weekend. In fact, the hubby had even taken the Monday off so that we could take advantage of the sunny day that was forecast for Sunday and Monday … in order to enjoy some winter activities on the mountains.

Alas … we could only plan … but fate sometimes has something else planned for us. The hubby caught the flu after coming back from spending the Friday night at the parents in Lucinges … all because he had went taking photos through the garden at Lucinges without wearing socks and without a jacket on!! Haiizzz … one would think that at his age, he would know better, no? Despite reminding me often enough to keep and stay warm when going outside, he did exactly the opposite!! Ish, ish, ish … (Of course, he claims it was only compounded by the jog he did at midday with a friend on Friday as far out as along the stretch of the lakeside we photographed the next day!)

So, we ended up staying home on Sunday … with him in bed! And then on Monday, although the hubby was still keen to go to the mountains … as he had not fully recovered, I thought it was a bad idea to do so! So we compromised … and went to the lakeside of Lutry, instead! It was quite cold in Lutry, too … but not as cold if we had gone up the mountains. And since it was quite a nice day, we managed to capture lots of beautiful shots of the area … so the hubby was happy with our afternoon outing. 🙂

Ideally, we would have lurved to see Lutry covered in snow … but since most of the snow that had fallen in the beginning of February had already melted, we took comfort that there were still some ice on its lakeside –not to the same extent as that in Geneva, but still … pretty enough lah, as you will see.

Our first stop upon arriving in Lutry was to take some snapshots of the menhir stones, beside the old town. These five thousand-year old stones erected by the first inhabitants of Lutry looked really nice illuminated by the afternoon light.

And then from there, we went straight to the lakeside to check out whether there was any frozen patches of ice as in Geneva. There were some, but nothing like those in Geneva.

But before I show you what we saw … let us admire the view of Lutry and the areas in the vicinity in beautiful Lavaux as seen from the harbour first, shall we? They are very picturesque … I can tell you!

The shot that I was taking from the spot where I was standing in the picture above (… yes, that was me with the red bag! ;)).

As it was such a lovely day, most of the pictures that we took of the area turned out quite beautiful because of the splendid display of colours on that day.

I just love how the clear water of Lac Léman reflected the colours and the shapes of the buildings and boats above.

The picturesque old town of Lutry and its harbour as seen from the wharf.

The lake shore of Lutry … which we had walked along in May last year.

Close-up shot of the beach area of Lutry as seen from the harbour … with a beautiful backdrop of snow-covered mountains against the vineyards in Lavaux.

The seemingly placid water of Lac Léman (on that day) looked so beautiful and calming against the gorgeous mountain backdrop on the far horizon.

And the followings are the frozen lakeside scenes of Lutry that we took on the same Monday. Not as impressive as those frozen lakeside scenes in Geneva, for sure!

The ice sheet covering part of the harbour at Lutry (Port de Lutry).

And along some stretches, there are these ice patches jutting out along the edge of the wharf.

Not as impressive as the thick surfaces of ice along the lake shore in Geneva … but still quite nice to see lah! And what I found most beautiful was the pattern and design of the ice sheets.

They looked so delicate and frilly … and reminded me of the doily papers! 🙂

I found them very pretty … and I just love looking at them even now.

Just as I enjoyed looking at these ducks displaying a nice combination of colours.

From the harbour of Lutry , we decided to take a walk along the lake shore to the other side of this small town.

After we passed by a jetty full of seagulls perching on the railing and the poles …

… we came across a stretch of ice beach. Well … it is not exactly a beach but the mouth of the river La Lutrive.

The river was full of ice, which spread all the way to the lake! Quite interesting to see.

Of course, the view of the sun setting from here was even more interesting … in fact, really superb!

From here, we continued with our walk in the freezing cold to the Port du Vieux Stand, another harbour which is bigger than the one near the old town.

I thought this picture taken by the hubby to capture the beautiful colours of the trees on the left, the bridge in the centre and the snow-covered mountains in the background turned out really well. I love this shot.

The thin sleet of ice at the harbour known as Port du Vieux Stand …

… obviously, thick and strong enough to carry the weight of these seagulls seen resting and walking on it!

The strong orangey colour of the buoys floating near the harbour provided an interesting contrast to the colour of the lake! Very nice!

More ice sleets at Port du Vieux Stand … but no beautiful ice patterns like those found at the Port of Lutry, unfortunately.

Except that we could see beautiful reflection of the setting sun on the ice sleet coating this harbour!

And so, not much ice along the lake shore of Lutry lah … only gorgeous lake side views, that’s all! 🙂

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