A very sunny Friday…

Today has been a very sunny day.

And not just sunny … it has also been quite warm … warm enough for me to be out on the balcony to do some dusting without even needing to put any jacket on! And yet … just two days ago, it was snowing nearly the whole day … and just before that, it was freezing cold!! Ish, ish, ish … so temperamental lah, this weather!!

See … beautiful sunshine early this morning … which lasted until the end of the day.

It was such a beautiful sunny morning … that I could even see the snow-covered tops of parts of the Jura mountain range behind Sauvebelin and its wooden tower!

It made a beautiful background for the Tower of Sauvabelin, do you not think so?

And it was even warm enough for this cat to climb to the roof of the old house below us … to do some basking in the sun! What a spot to choose to do so! hehehe … 🙂

However … the only thing that is not so nice about having such a warm sunny day in winter (especially after a bout of snowfall) … is to see …

… the snow melting faster than we would have liked!! hmppf … The picture on the left was shot around 8:30 this morning and the one on the right around 3:30 in the afternoon.  Not much snow left on the ground below our bedroom window and the fields near the house below … nor on our balcony! haizzz …

And because of the warm afternoon … it seems that all our efforts at trying to breathe a new life into our little snowman have been a waste of time!

He is fast melting away under the hot sun, just one day after I had given him a new face-lift! argghh  …

I suppose we will have to say “bye-bye, nice having you while it lasted” to him … either tomorrow or the day after as some sunny weather is forecast for tomorrow with a bit of rain on Sunday! Haizzz … 😦

Seeing how fast our little snowman is melting … I wonder whether I will get to see more of the frozen Geneva lakeside before they melt away???


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