Valentine’s Day gifts…

Happy Belated Valentine’s everyone!

So did you get any present for Valentine this year? Me … I got three presents! Yup, three of them … nice, huh? Although … I would say that mine are not the usual presents that one would get for Valentine, that’s for sure! 🙂

Want to know what they are?

One … is from mother nature … in the form of a beautiful weather! hehehe …

Yup, after two weeks of subzero temperature, the thermometer finally showed a positive number!! Ahhhh … what a nice gift for Valentine’s Day, no? Finally … I was able to walk outside and be able to enjoy the cold weather without having to try hard to hide my hands and face from the blistering cold! The temperature was a nice 4 to 5°C with some sunshine … just lovely! And then, in the evening, as the hubby was making his way home, there was a light flurry of snow … a nice end to the day, I’ll have to say! 🙂

And my Valentine’s Day present number two … (at least it was what the hubby thought as his VD present to me! hehehe…) were photographs that he took of the frozen lakeside in Geneva during his lunchtime and after work, of the area that I had wanted to go and take photos during our drive back to Geneva from the parent’s place in France! Hmmm … what an interesting present from the hubby for VD, don’t you think so? 🙂

Although not all the photos turned out as well as he was hoping for … nevertheless, they were beautiful pictures of the frozen lakeside … and he took more than 300 of them! Hmmm … I can already foresee the time I will be spending looking through them in greater detail in order to select the chosen ones for sharing on this blog!

But I think I like my present number three the best, which is … a promise! Well … I did not think that the hubby meant it as such … but he did say (or rather wrote to me in our daily chat messages) that he would be making up (for not giving me any flowers or taking me out to dinner) on our wedding anniversary … which is coming in about 2 weeks! So I take it as a promise that he WILL do so lah! hehehe …

And I have told him exactly how he can make up for it … on our wedding anniversary! Now … isn’t that the best present … when we could choose it for ourselves!? hehehe … 🙂

Anyway … here are some teaser shots from my VD gift from the hubby — the different looks and shapes of ice along Lake Léman in Geneva!

Okay, I will share more of them  … after I will have shared the pictures that we took in Lutry. That’s right, on Monday we decided to brave the cold and went photo-taking to the lakeside area in Lutry. Will try to share on that soon!


2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day gifts…

  1. Thanks Azian, nice to hear from you again and appreciate the suggestion. I had wanted my blogname to appear as discretely as possible so as not to spoil the whole look of the photo. But maybe you are right. Its about time that I think of protecting the photos that I shared on my blog from being lifted by others. Okay, will look into how I can label the photos differently! Thanks for the concern, ye! Have a great weekend! 🙂


  2. Dah lama sangat tak tinggal jejak. Hari ni kena komen.

    Very very nice VD gift. Beautiful pictures, indeed.

    May give you a suggestion, kindly labelled your photos strategically according to the shape of the photos, for eg: instead of writing blog name at the bottom of the picture, you write it slanted according to the shapes of the ice.

    Prevention better than cured. This is to prevent the beautiful pictures being …..


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