Geneva lakeside… icy wonderland, part 2…

On our way back from the parents’ place in France on Saturday, the daddy-man was kind enough to drive us along the lakeside area in Geneva so that the mum (who decided to come along) and I could see the frozen lakeside. He even made stops (mostly along Quai de Cologny) so that we could go out to take a look. Unfortunately, as it was such a cold day (it was minus 7°C that afternoon), the mum chose to stay inside the car. The daddy-man came out for a while to join the hubby and I … who were busy admiring and taking photos of the beautiful work of arts by mother nature … but he, too, soon decided to go back to the warmth of the car! And chose to stay inside the car when we made another stop by the lakeside area. 🙂

We would have liked to make more stops along the frozen lakeside … but since the mum needed to do her shopping and was not keen to go out to look at the frozen lakeside because it was too cold (and really, it was such a freezing day to be taking photos – especially for our poor fingers!), we therefore had to cut short our little lakeside excursion! Haizzz …

But I did get to see quite a bit of the frozen lakeside from inside the car! Some of the ice along the lakeside looked very beautiful, indeed. And I would have lurved to go nearer and take photos of them as it is not often that one sees such icy phenomenon … but maybe, another time lah! If this cold weather continues, then I should be able to see the icy wonderland along Geneva lakeside at my next visit to the parents’ place. Well … I certainly hope so!

Our first stop …

Check out the waves on Lake Geneva … which goes to show how strong the wind was that afternoon … and which accounts for the biting cold, as we were trying to snap photos of the frozen lakeside!

It looks like a frozen sculpture, do you not think so? So beautiful! It reminded me of the corals in the sea! Just look at the icicles below …

… they were shimmering so beautifully like crystals!! Unbelievably lovely!!

All along the lakeside was covered with ice … that you could almost skate along the lake!

A guy who was there to photograph the same ‘work of ice’ … was happily sliding to the left and right as he was taking photos! I have to admit … I was very tempted to do so. It was only the thought that I might accidentally fall over into the lake that put a stop to the crazy idea!! hehehe … 🙂

The hubby walking carefully on the slippery path towards the tree in order to take photos of …

… this ice dangling from the branches of the tree.

From here … we then made another stop, at Port-Tunnel.

There was even more ice here.

While the parents waited inside the car (in grey) … the hubby and I were busy taking snapshots of the area! That is me … trying to take snapshots of …

… these seagulls flying over the ice covered rocks along the lakeside!

An ice sculpture in the shape of a swan located on the far left side of the curved low wall.

Ice covering the rocks and the low wall along the lakeside at Cologny (Geneva) … as seen from the viewpoint of Port-Tunnel.

And before we left … I decided to have a shot taken against the frozen Geneva lakeside … for keepsake lah! 🙂

We had to walk carefully here because … not only was it slippery, but …

… the ice had also started to break … I suppose from the many feet that had stepped on it to take photos of the area!

I just hope that I will get to visit the frozen lakeside again … before the ice melts!

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2 thoughts on “Geneva lakeside… icy wonderland, part 2…

  1. Thank you, Christina, for letting us know that you have enjoyed the pictures of Geneva; we certainly enjoyed taking them and sharing them!
    CTZan + hubby


  2. Am from Geneva. Your pictures of frozen Geneva are awesome. Thanks for sharing.


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