Winter scene at the parents’ home in Lucinges…

We decided to sleep at the parents’ place in France on Friday night. And since we would be there for dinner, the daddy-man decided to cook my favourite dish … spaghetti in home-made pesto sauce with lots of mushrooms! It was soooo yummy … that even though I felt quite full after polishing off my plate of spaghetti, I could not resist having a second helping … of course with a much smaller portion and after a rest in between! hehehe … Yup, the daddy-man’s spaghetti in pesto sauce was that good!! 🙂

And then when we woke up in the morning … what did we see? Snowfall, that’s what! Hmmm … what a pleasant way to wake up … especially when we did not have to get up early to get ready to leave … since it was Saturday! And since we had the time … we naturally decided to take some photos of the parent’s place beautifully covered in snow. There certainly was plenty of snow in the area where they live … unlike in Lausanne. I was hoping that it would have snowed in Lausanne as well so that there would have been some fresh snow on the ground, unfortunately it was not the case.

Oh well … at least we got to enjoy the snow scene at the parents … and … we should be able to see more of it when we go to the mountains later today… yes!!! 🙂

The driveway leading to the parents’ place all covered in snow …

… and the end of the driveway.

The front garden all covered in snow yesterday.

As well as the garden at the back.

The view of the back garden as seen from the terrace.

The garden at the lower level.

The garden and the home … as seen from the steps leading to the wood below.

A beautiful birdhouse near the steps leading to the wood.

The snow-covered wood below.

Really … there was a lot of snow there, unlike in Lausanne!

The picnic/barbecue area beside the small stream, …

… which is frozen right now, with small patches of water puddle here and there.

The view of the picnic area at the bottom of the wood (marking the end of the parents’ home as the cabin belongs to the neighbour) and of the stairs leading down to the wood from the parent’s garden.

The garden shed as seen from below and the snow-covered slope belonging to the neighbour.

The woods look quite lovely in winter when they are covered with snow, do they not? 🙂

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