An afternoon at Mauvernay in winter…

So last Sunday, we decided to give the gala performance (to celebrate the 40th year of Prix de Lausanne) a miss so that we could do some winter sport instead. The initial plan was ambitious. We were initially thinking of going somewhere up the mountains for some raquettes (snowshoe walking) but waking up late and then taking into consideration the freezing temperature … we ended going somewhere a little nearer to home – i.e. to Mauvernay at Chalet à Gobet!

Oh well … better than not going anywhere lah especially since it was such a beautiful day! Even then, we did not stay too long as it was quite cold and I could feel my feet and fingers slowly starting to feel a little frozen the longer we stayed on the snow-covered plain. So after doing what we came to do … ski de fond for the hubby and sledging for me … we went home, happy that we had got to enjoy some outdoor activity despite the freezing weather! 🙂

Arriving at Mauvernay in Chalet à Gobet.  Beautiful sunshine despite the cold … cold enough to turn the water flowing out of the fountain into ice!

Despite the subzero temperature … many came to enjoy some sledging on the slope of the Mauvernay as it was such a sunny day.

It was nice to see them enjoying the snow … and I must say that I was quite eager to join in the fun! 🙂

The slope of Mauvernay … perfect for sledging. The slope on the left even has a little drop so that you can actually fly if you slide fast enough.

The little ones enjoying the slide down the hill in their sledges … although some seemed happy enough just playing with the snow!

And … the ‘no-longer-little’ ones enjoying their slides, too!

So you can understand why I felt like I was in good company doing sledging here! hehehe … 🙂

The couple on the bottom right used only a piece of thick paper to slide down the hill. They reminded me of the times when I used flatten boxes to slide down the grassy slope not far from the flat where I was living when I was young. Back then we did not have to fork out lots of money to have fun!

Some of the little ones being pulled by their parents on the slope … lucky them … able to enjoy both the rides down and then up the slope!

Even babies got to enjoy some sledging , too … awww … they looked soooo adorable! 🙂

While I was busy looking and taking snapshots of the children and adults enjoying themselves on the slope … the hubby was preparing himself to do ski de fond. Although the length of the skis is not ideal (it should be shorter), the hubby was happy to be able to use this old pair which had belonged to the daddy-man! After many, many years … the hubby was finally back on a pair of skis, once again!

And off he went down the slope … heading towards the plains of Mauvernay. After the trip with his bestie on that snowy Tuesday … this was the second time this winter that he was on a pair of ski de fond. Whereas I am still waiting for the opportunity to do my maiden ski! Hmmm … I do wonder whether it will happen this year, will it?

The hubby (the tiny figure), making his way across the plains … while I remained on the slope to enjoy some sledging! 🙂

As I was afraid of hitting someone, I chose the side of the slope which was not crowded … which unfortunately was the side which has a little drop. A little scary for me … but also quite fun lah!

In between sledging, I did not miss the opportunity to take some snapshots of the beautiful evening … especially when I saw the moon making its appearance in the sky … very lovely!

A group getting ready to go home after spending an enjoyable day at the slope … as the day was slowly turning into evening. As for me, I had to wait for the hubby to come back from his ski de fond before I could do the same.

Fortunately, not long after … I saw the hubby making his way back to where I was having my fun.

As the hubby had to go uphill to meet up with me, he decided to walk rather than ski.

I did several more slides down the slopes … so that the hubby could try and take some photos of me doing so (well, he must be fair lah since I also took some photos of him doing ski de fond:)) … before going home. Unfortunately, the few shots that he took were quite blurred … except for these two which are decent enough! Haizzz …

Still … it was a beautiful day and even though we did not stay long, it was long enough for us to have our fun. And the beautiful scene, especially as the sun started to set and the moon began to make its presence … made for a wonderful end to a great afternoon in the snow!

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