Geneva lakeside… icy wonderland…

I know that I should be sharing more about Prix de Lausanne, the dance competition that we attended last Saturday, or on what we did on Sunday … but … I just could not resist sharing on this first lah. I was so excited to share about it as soon as I saw the photos from the link that the hubby sent me yesterday! But I could not do so earlier … because we did not have any photos of our own that we could share here. So I had to wait until today … when the hubby came back home from work with some shots of the scenes in Geneva that I wanted! hehehe … 🙂

Now, I am sure that you must have read, heard or seen on the news about the freezing weather that is gripping Europe right now. In fact, I even posted a specific entry on the polar temperatures that we have been having on this blog. Well … the weather is not about to get warmer any time soon according to the weatherman … which means that we will have to continue to endure freezing temperatures for a while.

So far, thankfully, I have been coping okay with the freezing weather and have not allowed it to stop me from going out … and enjoying some winter activity. But what was it about these scenes in Geneva that got me all excited? Well, you will see for yourself from the pictures below … if you have not already seen them from the news on the internet or on TV.

I hope you will enjoy the photos … as the hubby had to brave the freezing temperature for about an hour whilst jogging to and fro the other side of the lake in order to take some snapshots for me during his lunch time today! Thanks so much, Ta! 🙂

A view of jetée des Bains des Pâquis (the jetty of the swimming pool at Pâquis, an area of Geneva by the lakeside) covered with the snow which fell early last week … very pretty! The hubby had told me already last week that there was much more snow in Geneva than in Lausanne … which I somehow found difficult to believe until I saw these photos.

There is still so much white everywhere because the temperature has remained below zero degree, thereby preventing the snow from melting, even though there have not been any new flurries of snow.

However, beset by strong winds, the lakeside in Geneva was severely lashed by strong waves from Lac Léman. And when that happened, coupled with sub-zero temperature, the result …

… has been these amazing scenes by the lakeside at Geneva and elsewhere since last Saturday!!

Icy wonderland!

Which provides a perfect opportunity for some serious (and even not so serious) photo taking (even though the area had been sealed off for security reasons – the poor hubby’s left shin still shows the bruise from his trip to this part of the lakeside)!!

When I first saw the photos online on the website of the Swiss Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology on Sunday, I just could not believe my eyes!

It is amazing to see so much ice along the jetty at Bains des Pâquis (but not surprising, claims the hubby, as it is located at the end of the lake, in a kind of stranglehold, and therefore has to bear the full force of the waves when there is a storm on the lake).

Just look at this stretch of boat pier all covered with ice … unbelievable!! Under normal circumstances, there are usually lots of boats anchored at this pier … but not right now (the smaller boats which were not removed went belly up – see middle area).

Being covered with ice, it is therefore very slippery and signs were put up to warn people about it … but there are always those who chose to risk it! As you can see from this photo, someone decided to walk along the frozen pier, either for a better look … or maybe just for the thrill!!

But many others, as this man on the photo, decided to be safe rather than sorry and chose to take his photos from a safe distance … including the hubby, too! 🙂

Imagine if one is to slip and fall into the icy lake! Brrrr …

Ice, ice baby … all along the lakeside (Quai Wilson)!

Which you have to admit … make for beautiful photos, no?

Which is why so many people are doing just that … including the hubby, too! hehehe … 🙂 Well, I would too, if I had been there! Unfortunately, I was not. Hopefully, this icy wonderland in Geneva, along both shores of the lake, will stay until the end of this week … when I will be passing by on our way to visit the parents. I certainly hope so … as I would dearly lurveee to see it with my own eyes!

If you would like to see more of such photos that have been published by readers of Tribune de Genève since Saturday, please click here.

Other entries on the Geneva frozen lakeside on this blog:


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