40th Prix de Lausanne, 4 February 2012 …

The 40th edition of Prix de Lausanne, a competition for young dancers from all over the world which was held at Palais de Beaulieu in Lausanne, was of high quality. We took loads of photos.  It is going to be tough making a selection and writing an entry even though we were a little disappointed with the set taken by the pocket digital camera … fortunately, we each brought a camera. Anyhow we are supposed to go out on a snowshoe trip in a couple of hours, so we will not be sharing much today 😉

Here is a panorama, to whet your appetite, with a picture of the winner of Prix de Lausanne 2012, Madoka Sugai, below.

Top: Thamires Chuyas, of Escola Estadual de Dança Maria Olenewa (Brazil), performing La Belle: la fée des lilas and Traces; bottom left: Daniel Robert Silva, of Vórtice Escola de Danças, Uberlandia (Brazil), performing La Fille mal gardée; bottom right: Calvin Richardson, of the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School (Australia), performing Outsight.

The grand winner of Prix de Lausanne 2012, Madoka Sugai, of Sasaki Ballet Academy, Yamato (Japan), at the award ceremony.

We will definitely be providing an updated version of this entry over the next two days. So please come back. In the meantime, you can take a look at the photos we took of last year’s edition of Prix de Lausanne.


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