Spell of icy weather…

Yesterday, it felt like as if icicles were about to form around my face as we made our way home from Aubonne Outlet! Yup, it is that time of the month where we would make our monthly visit to the Outlet factory shop in Aubonne to look for some good buys. We found a few and so was very happy. But the journey back was another matter!  The temperature was below freezing point yesterday, remaining in the minus range throughout the day. But at night when the sun goes away … and strong winds coming out to play … it was brrr … brrr-ery cold lah! Despite taking refuge in the glass room while waiting for the train, I could not remain still … trying to warm my-freezing-self (it was minus 9°C yesterday evening at Aubonne and Lausanne).

And then this morning as soon as I woke up, the hubby was very keen to show me this …

Check out the temperature this morning! It is a minus everywhere in Switzerland, again … even in what is normally the warmest region of Switzerland, the canton of Ticino (see Lugano)! Although you cannot see it on the map above … the temperature was minus 14°C here in Lausanne (of course still more bearable than at Davos where it was minus 26°C ) … whoaahhh!!!

Now … if you look at the photo below which I took this morning just before 10:00am it did not look as if it is THAT cold!

Nice and sunny just like a few days ago … but … looks can be deceiving, as the common saying goes! It is not nice and warm, though … but freezing cold!

And because it was too cold outside but nice and warm inside our flat … we get lots of heavy condensation on the glass windows and doors! Even after mopping it dry, it will start again … haizzzz…

And when I opened the balcony door to try to take some snapshots … I was greeted by these swirls of snow whipped up by the strong winds on the balcony. And if you notice just outside of our living room door in front of the snowman …

… some ice has formed … to show how cold it was! Brrrrr ….

Fortunately my little snowman is made of sterner stuff … and is staying put where he is! I suppose being a ‘young’ snowman, he must be enjoying the snow swirl! hehehe … 🙂

By the way … we are supposed to go snowshoeing tomorrow. However, by the look of the temperature I do not know if it is wise to make that trek up the mountains to enjoy the winter landscape … especially if there is any wind because it will accentuate the impression of cold. (Really … I cannot describe how bad it was last night just walking up the hill to our place with these strong gushes of wind blowing against our faces … and we are only about 600m in altitude!) Oh well … we shall see (or rather I shall see!) … and I will let you know if I survive our snowshoeing (raquette) trip tomorrow!

To any visitors coming to Switzerland, the hubby and I strongly recommend checking the weather information available on the website of the Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology (even though not everything is translated into English – as it is not one of the country’s four official languages).

Lausanne, where we live is not represented on this map – only the official weather stations are shown. But, to give you a rough idea, it stands north of Pully approximately level with Oron.

However, it seems that an individual has had the good idea of installing a webcam and a weather station not far from us (their postal code is 1012 whereas ours is 1010, so we are quite close) and has made it available on the internet at www.lausanne-meteo.ch. Here is a still showing the weather data as at 9:35 am this morning.


Hmmm … maybe I should get the hubby to explore this possibility … after all, he is always checking or asking me to check on the weather temperature! 🙂

Afternote: The hubby had just got home from returning his library books and doing some shopping … and told me that despite the sunny day, there were only 4 stalls at the flea market near Riponne! Hmmm, seems that the freezing cold has chased the other peddlers from setting up stalls this morning! 😦  Well, I will find out how cold it is since we will be going out soon as we have a date … with the finalists of the 40th Prix de Lausanne! Fortunately, it is an indoor event … pheww! I will tell you more about it after we have seen it! 🙂

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