Snowy Tuesday in Lausanne…

True to the weather forecast predicted for this week, the temperature is slowly going down, as was expected … especially towards the end of the week. It was very cold coming back home from class yesterday (it was minus 2°C in town) … so that I regretted very much not having brought my gloves as well as a bigger scarf when I went to class in the afternoon.

Well … as I had shared yesterday, it was nice and sunny in the morning and afternoon, which had allowed me to work on our much-awaited petit bonhomme de neige (little snowman), so I was not expecting the temperature to dip too much by the time I was making my way home in the evening! It was still okay in town even though it was starting to snow a little as I made my way to the métro station … but I got a surprise at how cold it was when I stepped out of the métro station near home. The culprit? The strong wind, what else .. the bane of living on a hill in winter, but it can be a blessing in warm summer!

And yesterday, the wind was quite strong (at one point it even caused me to pause a second!) … causing the already low temperature to feel as if it must have dropped a few degrees even lower!! The chill was especially painful on my face … because that was the only part of me that I could not cover! My scarf was not big or long enough to cover part of my face and since I did not have any mitten with me, I therefore had to keep my hands inside the pockets of my coat and I was not able to use them to cover my face! Haizzz …

So what to do? I just had to grit my teeth and pushed on walking towards home lah! Although it was just a 7-8 minutes walk up the hill to our flat, if felt as if it was longer … I could not walk fast enough … which is true by the way, because there are some slippery patches where I have to thread carefully so as not to slip and fall!! Nevertheless … better to have some snow and some freezing cold than not at all lah! After all what is winter without these, no? hehehe … 🙂

Anyway as I had mentioned, I took some photos on Tuesday when I went to class … since the hubby kept telling me to do so before he left for his trip with his bestie … so that we could have some photographic souvenirs of Lausanne under the snowfall … in case this would be the last time there is snowfall in Lausanne this winter!

But since I had already taken some photos before, I did not take many this time … just a few near the area where my school is. And here are some of the shots of that snowy Tuesday in Lausanne …

Walking past the first Credit Agricole building as I made my way toward the métro station. It was still snowing when I left home that Tuesday afternoon.

Heading downhill towards the M2 (métro) station.

Chemin de la Fourmi, the street opposite the M2 station looking nice covered with snow.

And the métro station of Fourmi. The métro track is 5 storeys below the ground level (one of the deepest of the 28 stations in Lausanne!).

However, unlike where we are staying … there was not as much snow in the city centre … much to my disappointment! But of course, understandable lah … as there are more people and vehicles in the city centre, which caused the snow to melt fast (although the hubby cautions me that this theory does not hold for Geneva, where there was plenty, plenty of snow on the same day).

See, hardly any snow here at the junction of place Bel-Air … where my class is held.

But interestingly after lesson had ended, I realised that a nice view of the streets could be seen from the window of my class! So, I took some photos lah!

The view towards rue du Grand-Pont (to the left).

The view towards rue des Terraux (to the right) and place Chauderon at the far end of it.

And the view of the Flon area just across the road.

Some snow could be seen here, mostly on the rooftops of the buildings in the valley of the Flon  … and the four small squarish gardens.

And the followings are just some close up shots of the same area.

So shall we get another spell of heavy snowfall in Lausanne this winter? Well … your guess is as good as mine. For now, there is still plenty of snow at our place … so I am not complaining. But if that later melts away … well, we can always head to the mountains on weekends to play with the snow! 🙂

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