Our little snowman, finally…!

When I saw how brightly the sun was shining this morning, I got a little concerned or rather very worried  … about the unmade snowman waiting for me on the balcony! Worried that it would start to melt away before I could dress him up! Of course, I was also happy that with the sun shining this meant that the day would be a nice sunny one. But since we had been waiting for about two months to have our very own little snowman on our balcony this winter … you can understand my worry lah!

So, although I had quite a few things to do this morning, including the homework that I must finished for class this afternoon, I decided that my little snowman needs my attention most urgently! So, making sure that I was dressed warmly so that I would not have to keep going inside to fetch something to keep me warm (since hubby was not around to help do the fetching for me ;)) … I proceeded to work on our little snowman … to try to make him more handsome lah! hehehe …

Beautiful sunshine this morning … a good day to work on our little snowman, definitely!

The unmade snowman … waiting for his transformation!

And after I had tidied his shape a bit.

Next of course, is the ‘make-up’ and ‘dressing him up’ stage … which was the fun part of it all! hehehe

After spending some time searching the kitchen, the toilet and the bedrooms … I finally found what I was looking for!! And proceeded to spend a most pleasurable time trying to make our little snowman as handsome as I could make him be! 🙂

As I am not a plastic surgeon nor a make-up artist and can work no miracles ... this was the best that I could do for now …

What do you think? Handsome enough? hehehe … 🙂

Our little snowman (bonhomme de neige in French) … enjoying the winter sunshine on the balcony. Luckily I have extra pairs of sunglasses (remember I recently bought two more at CHF 5 each during the winter sale!) … so I could spare him one so that his eyes are protected from the strong glare of the sun! hehehe … 🙂

This year, we made sure that our snowman would stand just outside our balcony door … unlike last year. This way, we can enjoy seeing him whenever we are in the living room!

Now … I can only hope that the cold temperature holds so that he will be with us for some time!!

By the way, I took a few photos of Lausanne town centre when I went to class yesterday … will share that in the next entry. Look out for it!

Entry on last year’s snowman:


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