Snow, snow … and plenty of it …

Finally, it snowed again during the night … and there was lots of it! It was about time, I’ll say! 🙂

I had been hoping to see our place beautifully covered in snow again this winter … and am sooooo glad that it is happening on the last day of January. The hubby, who had taken the day off so as to go to the mountains with his BFF, had to call off his trip to the peak of a mountain near the Grammont range and opted for some cross-country skiing instead. I wish I could have followed the two BFFs … unfortunately I had a class this afternoon!

Here are some pictures the hubby took at 6.35am when it was still dark. What can I say … he was as excited about the snowfall as I was … (or maybe even more?) … and was eager that I would quickly share about the snowfall and the pictures here! I had to tell him to be patient as I intended to take some photos when there would be more light!! hehehe …

The nineteenth century house below, as if caught all asleep under the snow, at 6.35am.

The road below … unfortunately showing the tyre marks left by the car of an early employee of Crédit Agricole.

And that of our balcony, nicely covered with snow.

Below are the shots that I took a few hours later when we were able to see the surroundings more clearly!

It was so nice to be able to enjoy this scenery again. I was a bit worried that we might not be able to see it any more for the rest of this winter (like last year) … but thankfully, the weather decided otherwise. Somehow … after experiencing this for the past 2 years ever since we moved here, winter does not feel like winter to me without this landscape! 🙂

So what to do with the snow on the balcony? As he had taken the day off to do some snow activity with his bestie, the hubby decided that he would do something for me before they left.

He decided to scoop the fallen snow on the balcony and heaped it into one big pile … as the initial preparation for a snowman! Awww … so kind of my Ta!

I told him to dress warmly while he was doing so … but obviously he thought he could withstand the cold!

He could … but not for long. He soon asked me to fetch his winter jacket! hehehe … Well, I had told him so. 🙂 In fact, I had also told him to wear gloves but he didn’t think he needed them either. Again, he was proven wrong.

He later asked me to fetch his thick gloves next! 🙂

But he really did his best to try and scoop as much snow as he could from all over the balcony … including the snow that had fallen on the covered chairs as well as on the ledge of the balcony railing on the right!

Of course, a further incentive to doing this was to make use of the avalanche spade he had purchased recently in the sales (the best in the range manufactured by Orthovox, the hubby proudly adds ;)) … given that at that point a snowshoe trip seemed highly unlikely because of the heavy snowfall and the resulting risk of sliding cornices near the peak of the mountain he and his friend had initially hoped to climb.

And … he managed to put together this pile of snow before stopping.

Not as much as last winter … but can lah! Just enough to do a small snowman later … when the weather is better … and the snow holds firmer. It snowed nearly the whole of today. It was still snowing when I left for class in the afternoon and then started again when I was walking back home in the evening!

This was how our balcony looked like an hour after the hubby had stopped scooping the snow to form the rough shape of a snowman. Because of the continuous snowfall, even though it was not very heavy … our balcony was slowly being filled with snow again! Hopefully the snow holds firm as the temperature is expected to go well below freezing point towards the end of the week … so that I can improve on the shape and look of our little snowman in a day or two … to make him more handsome lah! hehehe … 🙂

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