Birthday fête at Satigny…

Yesterday, the hubby and I went to his bestie birthday fête (party) at Satigny (far out in the countryside of the canton of Geneva). They have been BFF (best friends forever) since they were still in kindergarten — a testament that some friendships can definitely last from childhood to adulthood and now middle-agedhood! hehehe …

They are so close that even marriage has not put a damper on their friendship and closeness.  Even until today, they are still sending each other text messages (a few times in a day, sometimes) or emailing each other … almost everyday! Imagine!!

It was just a small gathering of friends and family to celebrate the birthday boy turning 45 … but the amount of food prepared was more than plenty! It was a gastronomic and cosy affair … and for me … an opportunity to check out their place as it was my first time to their home! 🙂

The birthday ‘old boy’, about to cut the first of his many birthday cakes (four in all)!

Another cake about to be placed on the table.

Interestingly, it was also quite an international affair, the fête yesterday. Among the friends and family who attended, several nationalities were represented – Peruvian, Bulgarian, Indonesian, German, French/Spanish, Italian/English (the hubby) … and of course, Singaporean, too … in addition to Swiss!

Hubby as the BFF of the birthday ‘old boy’ and I were the last to leave. We did not get home until well after 1.00am … which was understandable since the journey back home took two hours door to door!

The two BFFs huddling together to work out the itinerary for their planned trip on Tuesday. To mark their turning 45 (the hubby’s turn will be coming soon), the hubby and the birthday ‘old boy’ will undertake a ski/snowshoe outing together to the ridge of a mountain in Valais (Wallis) … after a loooong time!!

The two BFFs were keen to show me where they will be going on Tuesday … to La Dent de Valerette, using a 1:50,000 scale map

Well … I hope they will have an enjoyable trip together come Tuesday. As for me, I had a most enjoyable time this afternoon when we were at Château d’Oex. We did not quite manage to catch the big balloons … but I got to enjoy a new snow activity! More about that in my next entry lah!


6 thoughts on “Birthday fête at Satigny…

  1. Hello Kak Maz,
    You are welcome.
    If the weather remains as it is now, you should have lots of snow for the kids!
    Do not hesitate to ask if you have more questions.
    PS you guessed correcty 😉


  2. Hello Paul (I hope i get your name right), thank you for the info. I will lookup for more info on the family pass. Great help thanks again.

    Rgds, Kak Maz.


  3. Kak Maz,
    The closest would be the smaller resorts of the Swiss Jura such as Bugnenets-Savagnières ( and near La Chaux-de-Fonds (
    Otherwise there are plenty of areas to go to not that far away from Lucerne
    Engelberg (, Andermatt (, Grindelwald (famous for sledging:, including Gstaad or even Château d’Oex.
    Davos is less than 3.30 hours from Basle.
    The Swiss Federal Railways’ website is a good starting point to find out about the length of journeys (link from ‘on Switzerland’ section, left hand side).
    Travel-wise within Switzerland, have you heard of the Swiss family pass (each parent can have two children below 16 travelling free), issued by the Swiss Federal Railways)?
    I hope this helps.
    The hubby


  4. Hi Zan, thank you for your prompt reply. Yes, my family (4 of us) will be joining the Malaysia Airline staff sepaktakraw team who will be competing at Kleine Sporthalle St Jakob, Basel. While the team is doing their sepak my family would like to tour around. I will definitely take your advise to see Colmar (your pics on this town is really superb!). I saw Davos in your blog is this far from Basel?. My Ayuni (8 yrs old daughter) tak sabar nak touch snow (never before) and seeing you on your yellow sledge made her jealous! Where is the nearest place Ayuni can play with snow? We will arrive in Basel on Mar 14 from Frankfurt. Thank u so much for all infos. If you need anything from here do let me know (jangan malu) we can arrange something, insyaAllah. ..Kak Maz


  5. Hello Kak Maz,
    I am glad that you enjoy looking at the photos that I uploaded and also, nice to hear that you are heading over here! 🙂 So you will be staying at Basel — a good choice as Basel is quite centrally located and therefore will make it quite easy for you to reach the different parts of Switzerland. Are you coming with your family? If you like to do day trip to France, you might want to consider going to Colmar (the place I went just before Christmas) since its old town is very beautiful and only abt 40 mins away by train from Basel. Slightly further than Colmar, you might want to consider going to Strasbourg (which I would like to visit but have not had the opportunity), which is another lovely French town. Since I have not been there, I do not know how long it will take by train, maybe another half an hour or 40 mins from Colmar. I hope this info helps, if not, just let me know if you need further info. I hope you will enjoy your visit to this lovely country. Just make sure you are dressed warmly since it will still be winter in Mar!


  6. Hello Zan, I am one of your blog followers. Tak jemu tengok all the photos you posted on your trips. you just have that uummpphh! Your photos have inspired me to Switzerland this March insyaallah! If you do not mind me asking some info – I will be in Basel for 6 nights. I would like to cross over to France on a day trip. Which town (kampong) would be worth visiting near the swiss/france border?. I have been to Paris.

    Regards, Kak Maz


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