Another grey January afternoon…

Another grey afternoon here … haizz.

I have been feeling under the weather for more than a week … and even though I am getting better, this kind of weather seems to be dragging the recovery process a little longer! And when the body is not 100% well, compounded by such a cold and grey winter weather … well, my writing and sharing mood decided to switch to hibernate mode for a while! Which is why I have not been writing much of late… having no mood at all to write about anything!

But since I am feeling soooo much better and have no class today … (yes, I am back in class again, which I will share about more in the next entry) … so I thought I would bring to date the happenings in my litle world here in Lausanne.

To be frank, in addition to the gloomy weather and having had to take all the medications to get better, there is another thing that I find equally disheartening.

It is this view …

Notice anything from the picture above … other than the grey sky?

Nope? Let us take a closer look ...

See the trees that have been uprooted … and the white hoarding board that has sprung up just 2-3 days ago? I felt quite dejected looking at the poor trees each time I passed by this area to go to the métro station!

And the field just behind the row of houses that are just across the apple orchard … with two trucks that I saw …

… busy unearthing the soil there … haizzz.

The construction of the new residential buildings at the fields near the métro station at Fourmi is proceeding quite smoothly and without interruption … since there has been no snowfall here for the past few weeks. And if the weather is anything like last year’s, there will not be any more snowfall here for the rest of the winter season to hamper its construction.

I cannot help but feel quite sad each time I look out the window and see the works that are going on at the fields. Although it is nice to know that these will help to add more housing units, which are badly needed in Lausanne, I cannot but feel quite sad at the loss of the greenery and open space.

However … I will be even sadder when the same fate befalls onto the old house below us and the apple orchard comes summer! Arggghh … I cannot bear thinking how I will feel, then.

I think I need my medicine now …

The herbal infusion and cough syrup bought from a homeopathic pharmacy which I have been taking faithfully and which seems to agree with me.  Although the infusion tasted like a variety of Chinese tea to me … according to the hubby, it tasted like medicine! hehehe … He has yet to try the jamu (Malay or Indonesian herbal and roots concoction) or Chinese medicinal concoction! 🙂

Unlike in Singapore when one often goes to the doctor when one falls ill, it is quite common practice here to visit the pharmacy to get the necessary medication (partly because medical costs are so expensive here in Switzerland)! So a pharmacist is much in demand here, as much as doctors, which I think is great!


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