Returning home from Davos…

During our long train journey returning home from Davos … the hubby and I took quite a number of shots of the winter landscape. So I thought it would be a pity not to share them because the landscape, especially from Davos as we made our way to Landquart (where we had to change trains to get to Zurich), was really beautiful. I had thought that it was very pretty when we did the train ride from Klosters to Davos Platz and then back to Landquart in summer (during our trip to Klosters) … but I have to say that it was even more beautiful in winter when covered in snow!

And then when we arrived in Zurich, the hubby suggested going to Lucerne so that we could take the Goldenpass Panoramic train back to Montreux (where we could then change to another train to Lausanne). As the mum was keen on the idea … so off we went to Lucerne instead of directly to Lausanne, hoping to catch the panoramic train. Unfortunately, once we arrived in Lucerne, we found out to our dismay that the train schedule was not ideal. We would have to wait a few hours in Lucerne and, since the train ride with the panoramic train would take longer than the normal commuter train (called intercity) … it would mean that we would arrive in Lausanne very, very late! So we dropped the idea and chose to take the next train back to Lausanne … but not before taking some quick snapshots of the area near the railway station in Lucerne! So … it was another long day of train rides for the parents … and us, too, for the second day! Haizzz …

Luckily, the Swiss landscape is anything but boring, to me at least … so I did not really mind! But I am quite sure that the parents, especially the daddy-man who is not overly fond of train rides, must have had quite enough of travelling by train for a while! hehehe …

Anyway, here are some of the more scenic views that we saw from the train on the return leg of our journey from Davos … 🙂

Passing by Lake Davos, as the train headed towards Klosters en route to Landquart.

Just look at the beautiful reflection of a winter sky on the lake of Davos with these beautiful blue hues on the surface of the lake and on the trees.

Highly scenic, no? And I could not help but noticed how these photos turned out — the bluish colour of the sky somehow stood out in these photos!

Looking on to the village of Monbiel (right) with snowboarders immediately below us.

Some of the many skiers we saw while we passed through Wijerwald.

From the pictures we took, you can see how high Davos is … as the train made its way down the mountain slope heading towards Klosters … which is why there was really a lot of snow there!

Arriving at Klosters Platz — about to enter the railway station with the Gotschnabahn cable car just beside it.

Unlike in summer when we saw many mountain bikers taking the cable car to go up the mountain and then passing through this bridge after doing their thrilling ride down the mountain slope … in winter, we saw many skiers and snowboarders. I can still remember the nice view from the top of the mountain when we were there in summer!

Passing through the highly picturesque snow-covered valley of Prättigau…

… and the bridge of Sunniberg before reaching Serneus.

And then more snow-covered slopes and villages …

… including an old castle ruin … en route to Landquart.

Passing through a flat plain after leaving the mountain route … as the train started to approach Landquart railway station …

… where we changed to another train that would take us to Zurich main station.

Less snow on the ground as the train left Landquart … but the landscape was still a sight for sore eyes!

Passing along Lake Zurich and through Wadenswill to reach Zurich main station.

Passing another lake, known as Zugersee (lake of Zug), en route to Lucerne after leaving Zurich main station in our third train ride for the day. Check out the beautiful red glow cast by the evening sun!

The greenery here was such a contrast to the snowy white landscape during our earlier train rides!! And again …

… another lake! But this time in Lucerne! hehehe … 🙂 This is the lake view from the jetty just opposite the Lucerne railway station.

One shot to the right of the jetty with the daddy-man.

One shot to the left of the jetty with the mum.

Some shots of the famous covered wooden footbridge, Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke), … which looks more attractive in spring and summer with beautiful flowers all along the bridge than how it looked that day (since there was no snow covering it!)

It is a very long bridge … 170 metres long … that links the old part of the town to the newer part across the river Reuss.

And then another shot … this time with both the daddy-man and mum and with the wooden bridge in the background … so okay, enough photo-taking!

Time to get back to the railway station to catch our fourth and last train home!! phewww …. finally! 🙂

Despite the many trains that we had to take over the two days … it was a lovely Christmas excursion, as far as I was concerned. And if you are to ask me, will I do it again? My answer is … mais oui! (but of course!) 🙂

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