Christmas weekend at Davos…

So this year, we decided to break away from tradition and spend Christmas in Davos. And as a Christmas gift to the parents, we brought them along with us. Even though the long journey to reach Davos was a little tiring for them, as the father was still recuperating from three broken ribs and a damaged thigh muscle and as the mum gets breathless when she has to walk fast … but overall, I think they enjoyed the trip, especially since we got to enjoy a white Christmas there, which we would not have had we stayed home! However, I am not sure whether they would want to do so again for next Christmas, though! hehehe …

But as far as the hubby and I were concerned … we lurveed the trip! And we lurveed Davos in winter! For those who have never been to or have not heard of Davos, it is one of the famous mountain resorts (along with St Moritz and Klosters) in the canton of Grischun (or Graubünden  in German, Grigioni  in ItalianGrisons  in French and in English) … and is also the venue for the World Economic Forum annual meeting in January which is taking place this year on 27-29 January (… and which is how I first heard about the resort many years ago!)

The trip was especially nice, at least to me, because it actually snowed when we arrived in Davos in the evening! Despite the cold (the temperature was minus 11°C that night) … it was just sooooo nice to walk under the falling snow as we made our trek up Horlaubenstrasse to get to our accommodation for the night, the Youthpalace (which is actually the youth hostel in Davos lah!) 🙂

And then to wake up the next morning with a view of Davos Dorf all covered in snow …. ahhhh, it was such a lovely sight! I have always wanted to visit Davos … and I must say that the place is as nice as I had imagined it to be! So, I am so very thankful to have been there finally!

But now that I have visited Davos, I can only hope … that the hubby and I can do another weekend trip to another snow-covered mountain resort this winter! hehehe … 🙂

As usual, feel free to move the pointer of your mouse on any picture to display background info.

The railway station at Davos Dorf (taken the following day as it was already dark when we arrived on Christmas eve).

Fortunately, we double-checked the address of the youth hostel and the train station nearest to it before we got off. Otherwise, we might have wrongly got off at the wrong station … at Davos Platz, which was where we had stopped in summer when we decided to do a quick recce of Davos on our way back from Klosters!

Our accommodation … the Youthpalace, situated on  a slope. Unlike the youth hostel in Zermatt, which is also located on a slope … the sign Youthpalace was well lit up at night, making it difficult to miss even if one arrives in the dark!

Now, I suppose you want to see the view from the hostel, n’est-ce pas (French for ‘do you not’)? As usual we decided to book a room with just two beds, for us and for the parents. Unlike the other youth hostels at which we had stayed, the two-bedders in this particular hostel come complete with a tv set, just like a hotel … nice! 🙂

And the other thing that pleasantly surprised us when we arrived was to see that ...

… the hostel visitors had left their shoes outside their rooms! Incredible … and really, was a very thoughtful gesture in order not to dirty the room. So … of course, we did the same lah! 🙂

But still … it was the stunning view from our room that made our stay at this ‘Palace’ such a pleasure!

The first thing we did after waking up the following morning was to check out the view from the balcony of our room … (as it was dark when we arrived) … and see the impressive mass of the Jakobshorn  facing us.

The view of the snow-covered valley to the right of the balcony (looking onto Davos Platz) as the sun was rising … simply lovely!!

The view in the middle … with this whale of a mountain, the Jakobshorn …

… and to the left of our balcony … equally gorgeous!!

The breakfast that we had might be just a simple fare … but the view from the glass window beside our table was not!

Since it was a Christmas morning, there was not that many people staying at the Youthpalace in Davos … which meant that we basically got nearly the whole dining cum breakfast room to ourselves and could choose which ever spot we wanted! But of course, there were still more people here than when we stayed at the youth hostel at Klosters in summer! 🙂

And as soon as we finished our breakfast, we got ready to check-out and do a bit of sightseeing of the village of Davos … after putting our bags in the locker.

Leaving the Youthpalace behind, to begin our walk on Horlaubenstrasse to go to the village.

After stopping to marvel at the abundance of snow and taking snapshots of ourselves with the snow … we then made our way down.

The magnificent view of the valley and the village of Davos plus the valley of Dischma and Schwarzhorn (3,146m) in the background as we walked down Horlaubenstrasse  to get to the main road (called Promenade).

The hubby and his parents walking down the heavily snow-covered slope slowly and carefully to make sure no slip.

Approaching the main road at the end of the slope. The hubby and I just could not believe the amount of snow that we saw in Davos … coming from our part of Switzerland with barely any snow left after the rise in temperature a few days earlier.

Of course, it is no surprise that there is always more snow in Davos than where we are since Davos is located 1,560 metres high. But just how much snow was there in Davos during that Christmas morning?

Lots and lots!! See how high the snow was? In some stretches, the snow was as high as me! Well … okay, I admit that I am not very tall … but still, I am close to a metre and a half lah!

Quite a number of things were buried or nearly buried in the snow after the heavy snowfall!

So during our walk, we saw a number of snow-plough trucks (of varying sizes) busy clearing the streets and roads of snow which had fallen the night before.

And because there were lots of snow in the village, we also saw just as many …

… young sledgers making their way (or should I say being pulled their way) through the village! Of course, the not so young sledgers chose to do their sledging at some appropriate mountain slopes lah! 🙂

Below are just some of the street scenes in Davos that I managed to capture during our walk.

The village of Davos certainly looked very pretty indeed covered with snow. You cannot imagine how gleeful we were (or rather the hubby was) to be able to walk on snow in Davos! hehehe …

Even their buildings, already quite pretty as they are … looked even more lovely with the snow on them!

Of course, no entry on our excursions is complete without me sharing some of the minutiae that caught my notice, no? 🙂

So, in Davos, I could not help but notice the followings during our traipse to the village …

While walking down the slope from the youth hostel to the main road, I could not resist taking snapshots of the snow-covered waste area in Davos Dorf. In particular the one on the left caught my interest because the message (top right) that was displayed near it clearly warned that this waste house is not for everybody’s use! 😉

The hubby explains that this is because there are separate taxes for waste in many parts of Switzerland, often levied on the basis of a block of flats or even per bag — unlike where we live — the idea being that this acts as a further incentive to recycle as much as possible. At least, it has certainly has had the effect of having a waste collection area much tidier than the one where we live, he claims.

And then there was the extra exterior accessory in winter … brooms! I saw several that were hanging or placed beside the doors and entrances to buildings and houses … which I realised was for clearing snow. So when we got back to the Youthpalace to collect our bags … instead of stomping all over the place (as the hubby was doing) to rid my shoes of snow, I just used one of the small brooms that I saw hanging on the wall to do so! Et voilà! 🙂

Unfortunately, we could not stay too long in Davos, as we had a long train journey back to home in Lausanne (and then the drive to the parents’ place in Lucinges, France). So after a drink at a café, we decided to start making our way back hoping to catch the mid-afternoon train.

So after suggesting to the parents to wait at the bus stop, the hubby and I made our trek up the slope to go back to the Youthpalace to collect our bags.

Interestingly, the reception counter was closed when we arrived (since it was in between the check-out and check-in time)!

Hmmm … so now you (and I) know that there is no point arriving early so as to try to check-in early in some of these youth hostels … if the notice clearly states that check-in starts at 3 pm (or 5 pm, depending on the season)! 😉

Last view of the village with the Seehorn (2,238m) towering on the left as we made our way down the steps of the Youthpalace.

And then back at Davos Dorf railway station to catch our train back to Lausanne … but not before another quick stopover … this time, in Lucerne!

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