Berne stopover on Christmas eve, on the way to Davos…

So, as you might have read from an earlier entry, we spent the Christmas weekend in Davos together with the parents. Since Davos is about 5 hours away by train … in order to make the long train journey less tiring and boring for the parents, we suggested making a stop in Zurich to check out their Christmas market and the festive atmosphere there.

They were agreeable to the idea … but the mum decided that she wanted to do another stop along the way … at Berne! She has been wanting to go to an arts and crafts shop in Berne (as you might have seen from the photo of the father Christmas that she made for my Christmas present — see bottom of this link, she is very good with her hands!) … and since we were going towards that direction, she wanted us to make a quick stopover, there.

Although this would eat into the travel time, nevertheless we agreed … since it was after all Christmas eve! Thankfully, the shop was not very far from the railway station in Berne, so we could just walk to look for it after storing our bags in the lockers.

Unfortunately for her … the shop was closed for Christmas … poor mum! 😦

We did not stay long in Berne and did not venture far … only as far as the shop that the mum was looking for … which is why I did not take many photos (roll over to display background info).

The area just outside of the railway station in Berne. Check out the grey sky … it was drizzling a little that afternoon.

Thankfully for public commuters, the tram stops outside the railway station are well-covered!

A building with lots of Christmas trees outside the windows for its decoration near the railway station.

Leaving the railway station to look for the shops that the mom had wanted to go to.

She did not have the full address … but remembered vaguely from her last visit to the shop.

So we walked for quite a bit, trying to find the shop (called Bastelzentrum). But we did find it in the end … except that it was closed for the holiday! So what did we do, then? Since there was still some time before the next train would leave for Zurich, we decided to have a quick drink at one of the cafés along the street lah! hehehe …

We decided to try our luck at Markthalle  and then stumbled upon this tea and spice shop … La Cucina (the Kitchen, in Italian)!

So, while the daddy-man and hubby went to find some seats and placed the order for our drinks at the café nearby, the mum and I decided to check out this shop and do a tiny bit of shopping! 🙂

There is a small area for lounging and having tea just beside the main counter selling spices and teas … unfortunately it was full. Otherwise, I would have suggested having our drink there since it looked so cosy!

And then back to the railway station to catch our connecting train to Zurich.

I love the decorations inside the train station … quite simple but they really added to the festive atmosphere!!

Next stop … Zurich!


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