Colmar… and the little stuff that sparked my interest..

I think I mentioned that we took many, many photos of the old town of Colmar, right?

Of course, as usual … I am always the one who takes the most photographs … because, unlike the hubby, I tend to take photos of details of buildings, shops, restaurants, scenes of street life or whatever else that might seem uninteresting to the hubby or to someone else … but has definitely sparked my interest. I suppose you could say that I find pleasure in many little things … quite easily lah! 🙂

Although there were not that many minutiae … certainly not as many as those that I found during our brief stay in Venice, mainly because the beautiful Christmas decorations caught most of my interest … but nevertheless there were a few things that I quite enjoyed seeing during our walk through the old town of Colmar.

And here they are …

Some of the beautiful postcards of Colmar sold by a shop on the corner of rue des Marchands and rue Schongauer … and a dustbin all decked up for the festive period. Since we liked the postcards so much, we decided to buy a few of them. And I picked the one shown at the top to send to my family … but … I still have not done so! argghhh … I am hopeless!!! 😦

Bretzels (to use the local name) … for display … or was it to make them easier to pick? 🙂

I found it interesting that instead of stacking them in rows (as most sellers tend to do) … they were left hanging on wooden ‘sticks’ in this particular shop. Unfortunately, I am not much of a bretzel lover (as I found them a little too salty for my taste) … so, although they looked really tempting hanging on the window, I had to give them a miss.

Other than the numerous half-timbered buildings in Colmar which I found really lovely … these two buildings with a fixture jutting out of the external wall of the building also caught my interest. I liked the fact that they made these buildings look more interesting.

Hmmm … did you notice a small metal piece on the left picture? If no … well you can see it better on the picture on the right. I suppose you wonder what it was used for (as you might have done when I asked the same question in my entry on Mulhouse).

A clue: it is level with the first step leading to the door … so it has to do with … shoes! Yes, it served as shoe scraper for removing mud, snow, etc. Remember that in those day cheap synthetic shoe brushes were not commonly available for cleaning shoes, so it certainly made sense to have such metal scrapers by one’s door step. It somehow reminded me of a similar Malay custom of having a jar full of water with a little scoop to clean one’s feet before going up the stairs to enter the home in the olden days. 🙂

Two ‘mounted’ police officers, complete with helmets and riding … French bikes (as the hubby kindly pointed out to me), at rue Turenne, near the children’s market. It is always nice to have some police officers patrolling through the busy streets in case something unpleasant happens.

I also loved this simple but lovely wall display of potted flowering plants … which I happened to spot while we were walking through one of the streets to get to the other side of La Petite Venise .

And then at this street called rue de la Poissonnerie (Fishmonger street) … it is hard not to know what street you are walking through … if you care to look up and notice the fixtures that are hanging or fixed onto the external wall! hehehe …

Now what comes to your mind when you see the designs on these wooden window shutters? I do not know about you … but the first thing that came to mine when I happened to see them … was that they reminded me of the designs or suits that one sees on the playing cards, especially the two on the left — hearts and clubs!

And … we also happen to spot this by chance. Now … is it a car, a moped or some other kind of unidentified vehicle? Actually, more simple than that … it is just the local version of a covered rickshaw. Is it not cute?

The hubby says that, from what he heard, the driver was also acting as guide and that the elderly passenger sounded very interested in his comments — which by chance I seem to have captured on this photo. 🙂

And I also loved the colour and design of this particular window shutter at a shop selling cheese … so pretty the flower design!

Okay … what do you think can these be? Very pretty and colourful …are they not? I would not mind getting a slice for myself! And they smelt soooo lovely, too!

Eiik … did I say they smelt lovely … instead of delicious?

Well … that is because they are not your ordinary edible cakes or rolls … but are actually fragrant soaps! But what a pretty soaps they are … in fact, too pretty to be used for washing the hands, what do you think?

And last but not least … this window display at an ice cream seller brought back nice memories of our summer escapade to Italy, … in particular our trips to Siena and to San Gimignano, … except that it was warmer then — which is why we decided to resist the temptation … and not get any this time!

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