A whole day of waiting…

Yesterday, I waited for it the whole day … but it did not come … hmmmpff! I was sooo disappointed when night time came and when looking out of the window before going to bed, I still saw nothing! Is it not coming, I thought. And that was also what the hubby said to me, when he came home in the evening and saw nothing, either.

Errr … in case you are wondering what it was that I was waiting for … well, I was referring to the snow that was forecast to fall yesterday lah! hehehe … 🙂

Not any special visitor … just that white specks which were supposed to fall from the sky yesterday, besides rain. The rain certainly came in abundance, raining almost non-stop for the whole day … but the snow that was expected as well was nowhere to be seen! haizzz …

And what did I do first thing when I opened my eyes this morning? You guess it … I looked towards the window lah, what else … hoping to see something white outside the window, but alas, no. And I could not see anything either when I peered out in the darkness … much to my disappointment.

However, I was pleasantly surprised later to find out that there was indeed some snowfall during the night … just not a lot! Because, when the day started to get brighter sometime after 8am, I could see the white stuff that I was hoping to see yesterday. Nice, nice. Might not be much … but enough to be seen lah.

So … of course I decided to take some snapshots of them … (I am still in that phase when I get excited each time it started snowing lah! :)) … and then, guess what? It started snowing again as I was doing so! Not very heavily … but in a steady stream … yeayyy …

Interestingly, unlike the snow of previous weeks … this time, it came in the form of tiny snowballs instead of flakes. I could actually hear the sound they made when these tiny snowballs hit the ground of the balcony floor as I was taking photos. But when I touched them to pick up some … they felt almost like cotton … quite different to the earlier snow flakes that had fallen on our balcony. Interesting …

The layer of snow on the ground this morning. I only realised then that I can see the building that houses the Bible School from our balcony and the school ground now that the trees are almost barren!

The usual view of the house opposite our balcony … with some snow on the ground.

And the house below our bedroom windows … with a thin layer of snow on the roof and the apple orchard behind it.

The tiny snowballs that fell on our balcony floor this morning.

As they started to fall more and more on the balcony.

A slightly closer look at the accumulating snowballs on the balcony floor.

And an even closer look!

The snowballs started to stick to each other when I picked them.

Somehow, the texture of this snow feels a little different from the one I had touched during the earlier snowfalls. 🙂


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