What’s with the weather…?

The weather for the first few days of 2012 has alternated between sunny and rainy …

It was sunny on the first day of 2012, followed by almost a whole day of rain on the second day … and then followed by a somewhat sunny day yesterday and today was another somewhat wet day (fortunately for just half a day).

But according to the météo (weather forecasts) … there might be snowfall on places as low as 400m (despite some rain) tomorrow … which means that we might possibly get some snow at our place, tomorrow! And possibly on Friday, too. Nice … although it might not be enough to make a bonhomme de neige (snowman), I reckon! I am still waiting for the opportunity to make a snowman on our balcony, as we did last year. And preferably one that remains standing for at least a few days if not weeks … instead of melting away the very next day or so because of the change in temperature!

Oh well … winter has just started … so, we’ll see if I will get my snowman lah! 🙂

Since yesterday was reasonably sunny … there were this beautiful colours in the sky in the evening … just as I was about to go out to do my grocery shopping. Really, really nice colours … and especially when it was the backdrop for the gorgeous snow-capped mountains of the French-Swiss Alps … it was hard to stop myself from taking out the hubby’s camera to snap some photos of them … even though I was about to leave! Ish, ish, ish …

But you can see here … why I just had to snap some photos lah!

The gorgeous colour of the evening skyline … yesterday. Since such beautiful colours do not always remain very long … it is important to quickly snap it as it happens!

I really loved how the pink colours provided such a beautiful backdrop to the snow-capped mountains … a group of mountains which is normally only seen across our kitchen door on a nice clear day.

I like this shot too … with the barren trees partially covering the view of the mountains. Winter is the only time that we can see this stretch of the mountain range … because at other times, the leaves on the trees tend to cover most of the view.

Just 2-3 minutes later the colours of the skyline above Lac Léman turns a slightly different shade.

But still as pretty …. and provided such a contrast to the darkening colours on the ground. Even the smoke coming out from the tower provided such a nice contrast to the colours of the evening skyline, yesterday.


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