A visit to Miribel/Les Brasses on New Year’s Day…

We had initially thought of going to Pointe Miribel  on New Year’s Day to do a spot of raquette with the hubby’s brother and his wife. Well … that was the plan last week when the idea of doing raquette together was first raised while we were having the Christmas meal.  However as the weather was not very favourable on Friday and Saturday, we decided to cancel the plan … and not bring our raquettes (snow shoes) and winter gears with us to the parents.

Arggghhh … it was a mistake … because the weather was nice and sunny on new year’s day … and not very cold either. And when the daddy-man kindly drove us to Miribel to enjoy the view from there, we could see quite a number of people enjoying themselves on the slopes … sledging, skiing, snowboarding … and doing raquette!! Haizzzz … we should have stuck to our plan … because, by the look of it, it might not be for some time before we can do so.

In fact, after cancelling our plan to do raquette  in France, we were thinking of going back to Lausanne on the eve of new year’s day so that we could do some raquette closer to home at Chalet-à-Gobet yesterday (as the hubby had seen plenty of snow there when he did his run on Saturday morning through the woods at Mauvernay). But since we later decided to sleep another night at the parents … it meant that we were not able to do so yesterday either as the hubby had to go back to work today… haizzz …

But at least we went out and were able to enjoy the mountain view on new year’s day and even got to walk on the snow a little … albeit in our normal shoes. So it was still a pleasant activity to start the new year lah! 🙂

I think you’ll agree when you see the photos below that the drive was a pleasant one and the scenery very lovely, indeed!

(ps: the photos have different colour tones as some of the photos were taken with the window pane up!!)

Making our way through the highway (D 903) towards the French AlpsJust look at the lovely snow-capped mountains ahead.

Passing by a small lake (lac du Môle) along the way.

And one of the several châteaux (castles) that we saw on our way … in this case, that of château de Beauregard (nice gaze castle) at St-Jeoire.

Initially, there was hardly any snow on the ground … except for the snow we saw on the mountain peaks and slopes in the distance.

But as the daddy-man drove further up the mountain slope … we could see that there was snow aplenty up here! Very nice! 🙂

The view of the snow-covered villages and mountain tops (including that of Mont-Blanclooks just lovely!

Beautiful snowy landscape, do you not agree?

Continuing further up the road of Pouilly, passing through the snow-covered village of Les Jourdillets.

We could see the Mont-Blanc quite clearly in the distant as we drove further up the slope.

A close-up shot of the Mont-Blanc  proudly towering above its peers.

I really enjoyed the white landscape as the daddy-man drove further and further up the mountain slope towards Miribel (even though in this case it was downhill for a short stretch).

And especially when we saw cross-country skiers enjoying themselves at Plaine Joux ...  arghh, the hubby and I were soooo envious. Lucky them!

Just look at all the snow … and the nice clear sky on New Year’s Day! A splendid day for driving, for sure …

… but would have even be more splendid if we could have done some raquettes, instead, though! 🙂

There were many cars parked at the station at Plateau de Plaine Joux

… while the drivers and passengers were busy enjoying themselves on the slope and flat land … doing cross-country skiing, sledging and raquette‘ing!! However, we did not stop here …

… but continued our way up … where the view became even nicer!

Looking onto Les Voirons  and Lac Léman (or Lake Geneva) as we made our way up.

The mist covering part of the valleys made the winter landscape look even more lovely, to my eyes at least.

Another picturesque view of Les Voirons  and Lac Léman (nestled between the two peaks)… as we made our way towards Les Brasses and Pointe Miribel.

And more people enjoying themselves on the slope … in this case, children doing sledging! I would have lurveeed to do some sledging, myself!!

Finally arriving at the Les Brasses station. We did not walk to the top or the Pointe since the hubby and I did not have our snow boots on … and the road condition not so favourable. So we comforted ourselves with walking on the snow, here … to enjoy the view! 🙂

The hubby and his parents making their way towards the edge of the slope to have a look.

There were many people on the slope doing skiing and snowboarding … some only starting to learn to do so, as there is a ski school (Ecole Française de Ski), here.

But check out the view of the French Alps from here … just magnificent, are they not?  The Mont-Blanc (the highest peak on the right) looked very impressive from here, too!

A group learning to ski on the slope. Hmmm … one day, hopefully this winter … I hope to be able to learn and do some skiing, myself!

But for now … having a snapshot with the hubby with the ski slope and the French Alps in the background will do lah! 🙂

Making our way down the slope … via a different route.

… and passing through different villages … as we left the Les Brasses ski station.

Enjoying the view of the mountain valleys as we made our way down … heading towards home.

But not before making a short detour to do a short drive through the small village of Boège and some others.

A beautiful of view of the French side of Lac Léman (on the right) as we made our way down the mountain slope.

We were glad to have made the outing to the mountain on New Year’s Day … because … guess what?

It rained the whole day on the second day of 2012!!! Arggghhh ….


2 thoughts on “A visit to Miribel/Les Brasses on New Year’s Day…

  1. Merci, Jan, de ton commentaire. C’est vrai que l’endroit est idyllique et je suis fort content que tu l’aies découvert en famille.


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