Leftover snows… at the parents’ and at home…

Today was another beautiful sunny day … as it has been the case for the past few days … as well as the reason for the lack of snow this festive season. So …  if we had not gone to Davos on Christmas eve, we would not have had our white Christmas this year!

We certainly had a lovely time enjoying the snow and the pretty village of Davos. And with the beautiful weather … really, it was soooo tempting to stay another day in Davos! Unfortunately, it’s the festive season, so of course we could not do so … since we also had to go the parents’ place in Lucinges to celebrate Christmas with the hubby’s younger brother and his wife. But despite the late festive celebration at the parents … it was nice to sit down and enjoy the family meal … and the opening of the presents after that! 🙂

Despite the lack of snow and no new snowfall, the temperature drops to below zero at night … which explains the frosty scene despite the morning and afternoon sunshine. And since I had some time this morning and afternoon … having decided to go back to Geneva with the hubby’s younger brother and his wife in late afternoon instead of following the daddy-man who had kindly driven the hubby to Geneva to work early in the morning … I therefore decided to snap some photos of the leftover snows at the parents’ place before leaving … so that I could compare them with those (if any) that still remain at our place lah!

Well … I was not too sure if there was any left at our place … but surprisingly there was some, although soooo much lesser than a few days ago.

Another sunny but frosty afternoon at the parents’ home at Lucinges.

A plastic container (left) with water that had turned to ice … and the frost hanging onto the grasses and plants at the parents’ garden (right).

A close-up shot of frost-covered plants at the parents’ garden.

The leftover snow patches on the front yard of the parents’ place … which have not melted as they are protected from the sun ray …

… and the leftover snow heaps at the end of the driveway near the parents’ place.

These, however, are the leftover snow patches near our place just below the rows of apple trees.

And a bigger heap just outside the front yard of the house opposite the apple trees (left pic).

I just love how these snow crystals look  … like tiny white spikes. Unfortunately, with my small camera, it was tough to get very good close-up shots of these snow crystals … despite me trying several times … especially since I was also carrying and holding some stuff from our stay at the parents! Arggghhh …..

After the bout of snowfalls last week … many of the apples must have dropped from the trees. And now that the snow has melted away, I saw plenty of these apples rotting away … on the ground on both sides of the narrow path …

… leaving very few apples … still struggling to hang on to the apple trees!

The slope up the driveway to our flat with some snow at the side …

… and a big heap of no longer pristine-looking snow laying beside the playground at the end of the driveway to our flat!

And guess what??

There is still a small patch of snow on our balcony! hehehe … 🙂

Hopefully, we will get to experience another round of snowfall this winter … so that we can enjoy the snow a bit more lah!!


4 thoughts on “Leftover snows… at the parents’ and at home…

  1. FYI…eversince I discovered ur blog entries…been faithfully following wo fail…it’s only recently that I wrote comments…ur entries never failed to brighten my days…esp when it’s so dark n gloomy n hectic…somehow after looking at d pix n reading ur entries…I feel heightened n lightened in spirits n can continue w my work…cheerios!!! All our hugs & kisses…


  2. Thank you my dear, for the ever-encouraging comments! It’s always nice to know that you enjoyed reading the entry and looking at the pictures. 🙂


  3. frost…melted snow…nontheless it’s still beautiful…I can still visualise the cold crisp fresh air…the thing I love most …well one of the things that I love most about Suisse…

    Thank you oh so much for the attention to details…that makes ur entries uniquely u! cheerios!


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