Boxing day wishes

Better late than never … as the saying goes.

So to all our readers, friends and family members, we would like to wish you all belated Christmas wishes from Lucinges on Boxing Day.

We are at Lucinges today for our Christmas meal, which is also a little on the late side as on Christmas Day we were busy enjoying ourselves in Davos first and then travelling from Grisons to Zurich, then southwest to Lucerne before heading back to Lausanne to collect the car to drive to Lucinges.

A white Christmas in Davos … probably one of the few places in Switzerland that had tonnes of snow on Christmas …

A (really) less than white Boxing Day in Lucinges, France. Well, one cannot have a white Boxing Day every year! 😉


4 thoughts on “Boxing day wishes

  1. Yes, it was really, really mabeles!! Now I know why they always hold the World Econ Forum there. Ok, next visit u must try to go there. Tak pergi rugi, its even nicer than St Moritz.


  2. he he he I so lurve ur couple shot! Nice one…background is also bootiful…muz make ur way to Davos on our next trip God Willing 🙂


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