Winter wonderland… Lausanne under the snow…

Yesterday evening, we had to go to the city centre to do some last-minute shopping for Christmas presents. Thankfully, unlike me, the hubby has a small family (just a brother and a sister with their spouses, plus a niece and a nephew) … so we do not have to crack our heads every year thinking of so many presents to buy! And that it was therefore possible for us to do shopping at the very last minute … because … there are not that many presents that I would have to wrap!

Now, if it had been the other way round … omg, I cannot imagine the stress that we had to go through every time before Christmas!! We would then have to think of presents for my 21 living nieces and nephews, 3 brothers and 4 sisters (not including their spouses) plus 2 grand-nephews and a grand-niece! And I would also have my hands full trying to wrap those presents! BIG headache, I am very sure!!

However, unlike last year when we also did some last-minute Christmas shopping (see last-year’s entry “‘Tis a white Christmas, after all…“) … yesterday there was no snowfall … nor any snow … in town! After only two days, all the snow that had fallen there during the first three days of this week had totally melted! There is still some snow at our place … but even then, the snow is fast melting away. Another day or so … if the current weather continues … then all the snow here will definitely have melted away, too! 😦

Of course, I have to say that it made it more pleasant to do our shopping yesterday evening without being hampered by snow or snowfall, unlike last year. But then … somehow without the snow and the snowfall, it made it less fun and exciting lah! The festive atmosphere somehow seemed a bit lacking … in this kind of weather.

So, I was really glad to have taken the hubby’s suggestion … to take some snapshots of Lausanne city centre while there was still snow, when doing my shopping there. And that was exactly what I did on Tuesday!

So here are some of the snapshots that I took that day … of places that I passed by while I went about doing my shopping.

As soon as I stepped out of the métro station , I saw that the Place de la Riponne was covered in snow. Nice!!

And just opposite the Palais de la Rumine, there was a Christmas tree market. The Christmas trees definitely looked nice with snow on them!! 🙂

The Cathédrale de Lausanne, as seen from just outside the métro station.

From the métro station, I headed downward towards Manor shopping centre. Although it was snowing, thankfully it was not very heavy, so I did not have to use my umbrella … which therefore freed my hand to hold my camera lah!!

Walking through Rue de l’Ale on my way towards Chauderon … after doing a bit of window shopping at the Manor department store and a bit of grocery shopping at Coop City.

The junction at Chauderon … where the hubby and I used to pass on regular basis whenever we had to go to town or also wait for our bus (at the bus stop on the right) … back when we were living in Recordon.

A group of boys playing with snow on the shrubs behind the bus stop. They decided to make snowballs to throw at each other … and sometimes at unwary passers-by, too! Naughty, naughty!!

No, not Cathédrale de Lausanne but close-up view of Eglise Saint-François, as seen from the bridge / passage way joining Chauderon to Flon.

A view of Rue de Genève from the passage way.

View of Rue de Genève on the other sidewith the bridge of Chauderon in the background.

A giant tree structure in the middle of a small square … where Ecole Club Migros (the first French language school that I attended), Casino supermarket and the Cantonal administrative offices of Lausanne are located!

After doing my grocery shopping at Casino, I decided to head to Lausanne Flon métro station to take the métro home.

Along the way, I passed by this ice skating rink (Patinoire du Flon) and stopped here for a few minutes …

… to watch these two guys smoothing the rink! hehehe …

But hei … I was not the only one watching … as you can see, there were others watching them, too! 🙂

Stone seats beside the Patinoire du Flon … partly covered in snow. Kind of cute, I thought!

Leaving the patinoire and the two guys behind … to finally make my way to the métro station at Place de l’Europe to go back home.


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