Winter wonderland… of apples and snow…

As I had mentioned in the previous entry, last Tuesday I also took several snapshots of the apple trees that grow near our place as they were covered with snow and looked so beautiful. I decided to do so as it might well be … (or rather it is most likely that it will be) … the last time that I will be able to do so as we have heard from one of the residents living in one of the houses below the orchard that the trees are to go in order to give way to new apartment buildings! Haizzz … I still cannot get over this fact!!

Anyway, I thought the apple trees … and the remaining apples on the trees … made such lovely pictures and, therefore, deserve to have their own entry. Not only so that I could share what I saw that day … but most importantly so that I will be able to look back at this entry and reminisce about these apple trees … come next winter!! Arggh … I could almost cry when I think that I will no longer be able to enjoy this view … and the free apples, too!! Sad … so sad … 😦

Anyway, enjoy this tribute to the mini apple orchard below our flat …

The rows of apple trees covered with snow … as seen from the top of the path.

And as it looked from below … with that single plum tree on the far left, which I had only just discovered this summer!  Soon … no more plum tree, either! haizzzz …

Some of the apples that are still hanging on to the trees.

This year, the apples did not mature as well as they had last year … so there are still many of them on the trees especially for one of the trees (… which had, in fact, fruit so profusely this year!) because no body wanted to pluck them!

However, the apples certainly added a nice touch of colour to this wintry scene. It reminded me of the colourful baubles that one hangs on the Christmas tree! hehehe … !

A little visitor to the apple trees.

Well … they were actually more than one visitor that afternoon! But they were all very shy lah!

Whenever I tried to come a bit closer to get a closer shot … they flew away! So I only managed to capture a few decent shots of them.

It was even harder to get a shot of them playing with snow below the apple trees!! As soon as I came nearer they could hear the crunching my shoes were making on the fresh snow and flew off. This was the only one shot that I got even though I saw more than one of them moving about in the snow!

Dear mini apple orchard … you will be missed very much … by me and the hubby!! 😦

By the way … I am soooo glad that I took these pictures that day because the temperature has been steadily rising since yesterday. I am sure that you can guess what does that mean, right? It means … that the snow is melting away … and melting fast!! Aarggghhhh …


3 thoughts on “Winter wonderland… of apples and snow…

  1. Not all birds migrate to escape the winter. ps_ I have hung Oyie’s bird feed outside. Some of the birds have helped themselves to it since they left their little presents (after having their fill)! hehehe… Unfortunately, since it is not easily visible from the kitchen door, I have not been able to capture any photos of them helping to the free food!


  2. Yups…very sad really…been enjoying the apple trees scenes during d different seasons…and those remaining ripening on the trees do look so beautiful as ornaments on christmas trees eh? Can’t believe that there are so many birds still around during winter…


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