First the snowfall and now the mist…

It snowed nearly the whole day yesterday, but thankfully it stopped just before it got dark. So I was able to make use of the lull in the snowfall to clear up the balcony and rearrange some of the plants still out in the cold on the balcony. However, the snow has started to fall again in full force since very early this morning … so much that it has covered up our balcony all over again … in fact, with an even thicker layer!

I had decided to skip the shopping yesterday, thinking that I would be able to do so today … but the weather is even colder and snowier today!! … haizzz …

Sometimes I wonder whether I love or hate the snow! Okay, I love it when I am enjoying it from the comfort of our home or when the sun is shining brightly and it makes it a perfect day to do some walking in the snow. But I hate it when it is so cold and snowing heavily … and I still have to go out and do my stuff!! Like today, for example!!! argghh …

But as I assured the hubby … go out I will, for sure … regardless of the snow condition today … as there is some shopping that needs to be done lah!

Anyway … the snow seems to have stopped … for now. However, now … it is very misty instead!! Haizzzz … cobaannnnnn … 😉

Okay, but before I go out … let me show you the kind of weather that I will have to contend with today …

The front of our balcony door … totally covered with snow again … this time right to the edge … after I had cleared the snow away,  just yesterday evening! ish, ish, ish …

If you notice … there is a lump of snow in the middle. Well … that was where I had dumped some of the snow yesterday, thinking that I will make myself a bonhomme de neige once the weather clears. It seems like I will have to wait a while longer. On the other hand … I can now make a BIG bonhomme de neige!!! hehehe … 🙂

The mist-covered winter wonderland at our place this afternoon.

As I was busy taking some snapshots, I could hear some laughing and screaming … but could not find the bodies to the voices!! And then I realised that the voices had come from the direction of the school (located somewhere between the trees and the grey building to the right of this picture)

I had to zoom and take several shots before I could see some movements in the mist!! The students were obviously enjoying themselves playing with the snow … despite the mist and the freezing cold. It was freezing … because the temperature had dropped to below zero!

It was freezing cold just opening the window to our bedroom to take this shot … even though I am dressed in warm clothes since I am going out in a short while.

But hei … is this not what I had been waiting for … for  the past few weeks? Snow … and more snow?

Hmmm … so better not complain too much lah … and better go out and enjoy it … even though it is so freezing cold!!!! brrrrrrr ….


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