Even more snow in Lausanne-Vennes, Dec 2011…

There was no snow in Mulhouse or Colmar … even though we had prepared ourselves for snow, just in case it did fall. Well … the weather forecasts had indicated that there would be flurries (which I took to mean some flurry of snow lah). However, there was only rain in Colmar … luckily only for a short spell while we were in the old town. But … it was cold!! brrrr …

It was the same kind of weather in Mulhouse … just cold winds but no snow. In fact, too cold to be walking around in the city centre for hours … after we had checked out of our hotel … so that we cut our sightseeing short by almost two hours and decided to take an earlier train back to Lausanne!

But it was sooooo nice to suddenly see snow when we crossed over to Switzerland … yahooo!!! It turned out to be a wise decision for us to take the earlier train home … so that there was still some light when we were making our way home … and thus were able to see the beautiful snowy landscape of Switzerland. In fact … it even started snowing when we were changing train at Berne railway station … whooooah … lovely, just lovely … we loike!! 🙂

However, there was less snow as we got closer and closer to Lausanne and … by the time we reached Lausanne, there was none! Aww … shucks, I thought … what a disappointment … no more snow in Lausanne!!

But then … when we stepped out of the métro station at our place in Fourmi … what did we see?? You have guessed it … snow again!! Yeayy …

Since we live higher up on the hill … we therefore get more snow than in downtown Lausanne, this was why lah!  And I tell you it was really, really nice to walk on the snow as we made our way up the slope to our place. Of course, it meant we had to walk very very slowly and nearly slipped a few times as some of the snow had turned to ice … but that did not dampen the thrill of walking on snow near our place … in the dark!! hehehe …

We tried to capture some snapshots as we walked … but, unfortunately, the photos did not turn out very well lah! But … I will still show you a few of the photos lah … since we took them! hehehe … 🙂

The hubby threading carefully on the snow and ice-covered pavement, as we left the métro station and made our way towards home, last night.

And the snow-covered field just next to the row of apple trees.

Not enough snow to be able to do any ‘raquetteing’ or sledging, for sure … but … enough to make the both of us very happy last night lah! hehehe … 🙂

But can you guess what?

It started snowing again very very early this morning … but thankfully, after the hubby had already left for work so that he was not hampered by the snowfall … and it still has not stopped!! yeayyy …

Sooo … I decided to snap more photos of our area lah!!! hehehe …

Sorry ladies (and guys, too) … I am afraid that you will just have to bear with me sharing more photos of the winter wonderland at our place … until I get over my excitement of having our first snowfall at our place this winter lah!! 🙂

Our balcony as it looked earlier this morning … covered with even more snow than on Saturday morning. Hmmm … as the hubby said, more than enough snow to try and make our own little bonhomme de neige (snowman) for this year!

But seeing how the snowfall has not stopped and given that it looks like it will continue for the whole day … errr … I think we should have no problem making a grand bonhomme de neige instead!! 😉

Two of our solar lamps on the parapet of the balcony totally covered with snow (so no lights last night on the balcony as a result) … and the trees and benches belonging to the Bible Reading Club as seen through the balcony railings.

Some of my poor plants and herbs on the balcony which I had not put inside the greenhouse … all covered with snow.

The terrace below our balcony and the small playground between our two blocks … all covered with snow.

The view of the houses and fields below … with some tinge of blues from Lac Léman.

This landscape will change next winter since we have heard that some of the old houses below will be torn down and the fields below will give way to new apartment buildings in the middle of next year … arggghhhh …

We were quite upset and felt very sad when we heard about it not more than two months ago! So  … we are going to enjoy this landscape as much as we can today …  before they are gone tomorrow! 😦

One of the nice things that I enjoy seeing in winter … is smoke coming out of the roof-top chimneys from the houses down below!! It makes me sometime wish that we had a chimney in our flat. But after thinking about the dust and the ashes from burnt wood that have to be cleared from the chimney … errr … I think I am glad that we have modern-day heaters, instead … even if they are not as romantic!! 🙂

The view to the right … from our bedroom.

And finally …  the tower of Sauvabelin and the trees in the woods … under the snowfall.

Last but not least … I will be expecting several visitors this winter.

Nope, not of the human kind …

… but of this kind!! hehehe …

I have their feed ready and even a tiny home for them … so this year, they should be more at home on our balcony lah!

Okay … now I have to psyche myself up … to brave the snow and snowfall … in order to go to town and do some shopping!! Photos of Colmar and Mulhouse, France … coming up this week!!

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3 thoughts on “Even more snow in Lausanne-Vennes, Dec 2011…

  1. Thanks dear Nit. It was great going out during the snowfall that day! Masa nak keluar bercinta sekali, but once out it was so lovely!!! 🙂


  2. oooh real lovely lovely winter wonderand!!! he he he…do brave the snowfall to do ur shopping eh? he he he..take care darling CT 🙂


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