First snow Lausanne 2011/2012…

Its about time, I’ll say!!!

Finally … it is snowing again where we live, here at Lausanne-Vennes. It is hard to describe the excitement as it is really a pleasure for the eyes to be able to look onto the wide expanses that lie below us when they are all covered in white ( (see our entry ‘early winter wonderland‘) … And of course, we would also like to have a snowman on our balcony this year too! 🙂

Although the hubby had told me that there was some sleet last night when he came back from work and was walking from the métro station at Fourmi to our place, by the time he went on the balcony to tie the flaps of the plastic cover back on to the armchairs and table (see our entry ‘prepping up the balcony for winter‘), most of the sleet had melted away and it was totally gone by bed time.

But it is a different matter this morning. We woke to a white landscape below us … aahhhhhh …. (its a sigh of pleasure, this time 😉

But even if the snow were to carry on falling strong, no ‘bonhomme de neige‘ (French for snowman) this weekend as we are going to France in a couple of hours, first to Mulhouse and then to Colmar. We are going to check out the very popular Christmas market at Colmar this evening … and we cannot wait to see it!!

So … while we check out Mulhouse and Colmar, enjoy these winter snapshots from our balcony taken only some minutes ago this morning!!

The view of the terrace just below our balcony.

The view towards Lac Léman, which is not so visible owing to the overcast. Well … it was still snowing lightly even as I was writing this entry … the reason for the grey sky!

And the view towards the direction of the métro station of Fourmi.

The look of the place is totally transformed when covered with the white powder, don’t you agree? 🙂

Our balcony covered in layer of snow …  including my poor plants.

Even the plants that I had put just outside my balcony door were not spared!  Poor plants … but I will bring them in, so no worry lah!.

Okay, got to go … Mulhouse and Colmar is waiting!!!

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