Oh what a misty morning…

I was in the middle of writing and uploading photos of the daddy-man’s birthday celebration last weekend, when I realised upon looking out the window of the computer room … that this morning was another one of those very, very misty morning! More misty than some of the mornings when it was really foggy, for sure!

So I thought I would share some photos to show how misty it was earlier this morning …

The scene ( … or rather, the lack of scenery) at about 8.20am … outside the window of the computer room where I was in the middle of writing the next entry.

Seeing this, I decided to take a break to go and snap some photos … so that I could show you (and of course the hubby, who is at work) how misty it was an hour ago here at Vennes, Lausanne!

The misty view from the living room (left) and from the window of our bedroom (right).

The view taken from the window of our bedroom. The buildings down the road could hardly be seen … nor the streets.

And the view from the door of the balcony. The mountains could not be seen, neither could the so-called HDB flats (as the hubby is fond of calling all tall blocks of flats!) earlier this morning.

Since it was also drizzling … which is why it was so misty … I chose to take these two snapshots from the dry comfort of … inside my balcony door lah! hehehe … 🙂

I just hope that the grey and wet weather will not last until late afternoon … so that I can go out and do some shopping today … haizzz …

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4 thoughts on “Oh what a misty morning…

  1. Maybe no snow till next year!:( I hope the kiddies are glad that it was not snowing everyday when you guys were there!! Snow is nice … but not while it is snowing, unless you want to stay inside!!


  2. Yeah…where is d snow??? he he he … Kiddies been viewing the webcam in Zermatt…looks like snowing everyday after we left…he he he…


  3. He he he I think it’s no longer misty…mist…it’s full blown foggy fog by the looks of it…CT…he he he it’s pouring…it’s pouring here in BB Spore…


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