Another visit to Zermatt… to spend the afternoon in Gornergrat…

So last Sunday I made my way to Zermatt, again … but this time with the hubby … to meet up with my friend again. However, we did not remain in Zermatt itself but took the next available train up to Gornergrat … our point of rendez-vous that afternoon. Actually, we had made plans to meet at the Kambly Visitor Centre in Trubschachen for a visit of this Biscuit Factory … but as my friend and her family had missed a train connection two days before our rendez-vous, so that they had to stay overnight in Lugano, it was decided that we would meet in Gornergrat instead so that her family could rest on their penultimate day in Zermatt … and enjoy a bit of snow before leaving for sunny Singapore the next day.

I had my concerns over the weather all throughout our train journey from Lausanne to Zermatt … and even during the earlier start of the train ride up to Gornergrat. As I wrote in my entry yesterday, the weather for the past few days has been more in line with the typical autumn weather: wet, grey and chilly. So it was the same on that Sunday as we made our way to Gornergrat.

So I was very glad when I saw the weather starting to look sunnier and sunnier as we got closer and closer to Gornergrat! Happy for us … which meant that we would have a good view of the glaciers up there ... and, of course, I was very happy for the little ones, as they would get to play in the snow for one last time before heading home.

But … before I share photos of sunny Gornergrat, I thought I would share some shots that we took on our way to get to Gornergrat … as well as some of the photos of Zermatt itself which I shot in a hurry before boarding Gornergrat Bahn.

Passing through deep ravine and bridges across.

As you can see it was a very misty day … and a little grey.

However … upon looking back as we made our way further up towards Zermatt, I was surprised to see how lovely the valley looked, covered with a cloud of mist! I kept looking back towards the valley until it could no longer be seen … and was very glad to have been able to get a shot of the valley to remind me of how it had looked like that afternoon.

Finally seeing patches of snow on the slope as we were getting nearer to Zermatt.

And frozen snow and ice instead of water in this small river … showing how little rain there had been until the day before.

The railway station at Zermatt. The road was wet indicating the rainy spell before we arrived.

A horse carriage and small taxi bus … the special mode of transport for ferrying passengers as well as their luggage within Zermatt as no private vehicles are allowed in this famous resort village. All private vehicles and tourist coaches must be left at the parking lots at Täsch, the village just before Zermatt.

Even though we had only a few minutes to spare before boarding the private train to go up to Gornergrat … the hubby suggested going for a quick stroll into the village centre of Zermatt so as to capture some snapshots.

Although the hubby went as far as he could into the village centre, I decided to hang back a little so that I could take a good look at the winter decoration in this village. Even though I love looking at the colourful flowers hanging from the windows and balconies of the buildings in this village in spring and summer … it is equally lovely to see these creative decorations adorning their windows and balconies in autumn and winter!!

And I also realised that one of the special winter decorative features in this village is the small Christmas tree (with no adornments) … jutting out of the sides of many of its buildings and balconies in the village centre. Interesting, I thought … 🙂

We soon made our way back to the Gornergrat Bahn station, which is located just opposite of the Matterhorn-Gotthard Bahn station … for our train ride up to the peak of Gornergrat.

As we got higher and higher … we soon left the grey and mist-covered valley behind us … and it became sunnier and sunnier … wonderful!! I was really pleased when I saw the change in the weather up in the mountain … (although I already knew that this could be a possibility from our past raquette excursions to the mountains lah!)

Of course, best of all was the abundance of snow up the mountains!! Nothing beats being up on a mountain when it is full of snow … and sunny!! Just awesome!! 🙂

Some interesting buildings or structures just before reaching Rotenboden … very much like igloos.

Arriving in Rotenboden … with a nice view of the Matterhorn just across.

Passing by a ski lift station located at the top of the mountain slope.

Our final destination … the 3100 Kulmhotel at Gornergrat and the railway station just a few metres below it … looming near.

But before that … we passed by this nearly frozen lake located just below the peak of Gornergrat. We could see even more mist covering the whole of the mountain valleys from here!! Beautiful!!

And finally we arrived at Gornergrat, some 3,089 metres high… with clear blue sky and beautiful sunshine … wohoo!! And as you can see … with many visitors too … not just skiers but visitors who were just there to enjoy the view from this peak … like us!! 🙂

Okay, more photos on Gornergrat coming soon … as I want to go back to my plants on the balcony and enjoy the sunshine! Yup, yup … I am soooo happy to report that the sun is back again, today … yeayyy! Finally I am able to spend some time on the balcony attending to my plants out there. However, it is good to know that at least the cold and wet spell over the last few days also brought with it … plenty of snow in some of the places in higher altitude!! If you want to see how much snow in the canton of Vaud… check out this link!

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