Another grey and cold autumn day… but with a silvery shine…

Today is another one of those typical autumn days … cold, wet and grey!! With the exception of when we were up in Gornergrat on Sunday … when it was so beautifully sunny … the weather everywhere else seems to have been the same here in Switzerland since Saturday.  However, given that we have had so little rain this year, one cannot complain too much lah, given that much more rain would be necessary to refill our much depleted groundwater sheets.

And still no snow yet … at least not in Lausanne or in many other Swiss cities ... although I can now see more snow on the mountains across from us. However, my friend and her family were luckier. Snow finally decided to grace their presence in Zermatt on the last morning before they were to check out (on Monday). Needless to say, the whole family was very very excited to have seen snowfall for the very first time! But they also got to experience the after effect of snowfall on the same morning … when snow and grime got all mixed up and turned into a different colour … as the snow started to melt in the sun. Not a pretty sight!! hehehe … 🙂

Interestingly, although yesterday was also grey and wet and chilly … but for a short while in the afternoon, there was a beautiful silver colour shining over Lac Léman. It was really pretty. So, as usual, I decided to snap a few shots of this beautiful scene to share lah!

The mountains across Lac Léman (with the Grammont range on the far left) … spotting much more snow than a few days ago! 

And the silvery spot of colour on Lac Léman … on a grey cloudy afternoon, yesterday. Were it not for the slight tinge of blue colours on the mountains, it would look like a black and white photograph! 🙂

A close-up shot of the silvery shine … really lovely, do you not think so?

And an even closer shot.

And the view (from a wider angle) of Lac Léman as seen from our balcony, yesterday.

Hmmm … what can I say … except that I am so thankful to have been able to enjoy such a view from our flat!! 😉


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