Start of another round of busy weekends in December…

Do you know what?? Our weekend calendar for the whole of December is all filled up … yup, yup this month will be another busy month full of weekend activities … after the break in November. In fact, there are too many things happening in the same month … to the extent that we had to cancel or take a raincheck on some of the invitations that we had received. So I know that the December month will pass me by very quickly … and then … uh, uh 2012 will already be here! Haizzz …

Over the weekend, we had been busy saying goodbye to one of our favourite eating places … and also went on another trip to Zermatt, again (it was my second trip there in 3 days! hehehe … )! Not for another sleepover … but just for a day trip to spend the afternoon with my dear friend and her family up on  Gornergrat … before they are to leave for Singapore this evening. Well … we were supposed to go somewhere else … but we had to change the plan after my friend and her family found themselves having to make an unplanned one night sleepover in Lugano after missing their train, just a day earlier. Poor them!

And since today I will be meeting them for one very last excursion before seeing them off at Zurich airport … I guess it will be another lovely day of outing for me. 🙂 And … which also means that … I will not be able to write and share much today … just like yesterday lah!

But since it was such a beautiful day out on Gornergrat yesterday (unlike in Zermatt which was a bit wet and misty) … I could not resist sharing these beautiful photos that the hubby took on Gornergrat as a teaser.

A moon seen high above the Gorner Glacier … in the late afternoon. I thought it made such a beautiful picture …

… until the evening sky started to set in and made it even lovelier against the reddish hue backdrop of the evening skyline with Pointe Dufour (or Dufour Spike – Dufourspitze in German, which is the highest peak in Switzerland, at 4,634m of altitude) … trying to pierce through the clouds! It was just soooo mesmerising to see it, yesterday … despite the freezing cold as the temperature dropped to the minus in the evening!!

If you want to see more beautiful pictures of Gornergrat that we took yesterday … well, you will just have to be a little patience lah! I shall share more in the next few days!


2 thoughts on “Start of another round of busy weekends in December…

  1. Wow…The sceneries was soooo beautiful…gorgeous CT., kakak still waiting to see some more beautiful pictures in your next N3…


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