Zermatt day trip…

Yesterday I went to Zermatt again … but without the hubby this time. Why? Because after more than 20 years (ever since we both left the Uni), I finally managed to see an old friend from my student days at NUS who had come to Zermatt with her family for their holidays … oh wow! Really, when you come to think of it … it is almost incredible that we met up with each other after sooo many years … in a place so far away from our own homeland, unbelievable no?!

But it was so lovely to meet her again … and even though so many years have passed, it was amazing how it felt as if it was only just a few years ago that we had left the Uni! Suddenly we were laughing and giggling like the teenagers that we were back in the Uni. Felt like one, too,  for a while … until her children came into the kitchen (where we spent the hours chatting) and reality sank in! hehehe … 🙂

The hours passed by so fast … and it was with a heavy heart that I later had to take my leave … as I had 3 hours of train ride back home to Lausanne. But … come Sunday, the hubby will be joining me this time … to go on a day outing with her. So that is something lovely to look forward to.

To my dear friend, Nit … I know that you are enjoying your stay here. I hope that you and your family will continue to enjoy the rest of your stay … and I look forward to seeing you again on Sunday! See you, babe!!!

The impressive Château de Valère (started in 1050) at Sion … as seen when the train was approaching the railway station at Sion.

The same castle as seen after the train had left the railway station.

This is how the vineyards look like, right now … waiting for snow to fall and cover them!! Even though we are already in December, I did not see any snow along the way (except on some of the mountain tops) …

… not until after the train had left Leuk railway station. Finally!! But not all the way lah … only in some parts … pfff…

See … no snow either as I was making my way up to Zermatt on the Matterhorn-Gotthardbahn  train from Visp.

Passing through the region of Randa, where  in 1991 a major landslide of some 30 million cubic metres occurred … with some snow on top of the mountains in the background.

Still in the Randa region  … since the train made an unplanned stop here for several seconds just before reaching the railway station, I decided to take a snapshot of what I saw outside my window. I love the look of the snow at the top … even if it is not clearly visible on this shot …

… but this was how the snow (which had turned to ice) looked like from where I was seated. Beautiful … and reminded me of how the ice in the Aletsch glacier had looked like during our excursion to the glacier in October.

Earlier on just before seeing the snow-covered top not far from Randa, this view of the snow had caught my interest, too.

I just love the shape and the colour of the snow which had turned into ice.

The apartment which my friend is renting for the duration of her stay, called Haus Granit. Not only is the apartment very conveniently located near the railway stations (the main station and the one for Gornergrat), it is also very spacious, very clean and …

… since she got the corner unit, it has a very long balcony that stretches to the side with a nice view of the mountains …

… including that of this very Swiss icon, the Matterhorn! Lucky her! 🙂

A slightly different view from the one we had from our room at the Youth Hostel … but just as pweety!! Cool!

Two old friends … much older, wiser and aheemm … fuller and shapelier (or is it shapeless??) … than when we knew each other as Uni students!  hehehe … 😉

Heading towards the train station at the end of the visit (before it gets dark). She and two of her children kindly sent me off to the train station. Eikk … she sent me off instead of the other way round?? Hmmm … make you wonder who is staying in Switzerland … is it me or is it her? kwang kwang kwang … 🙂

I was expecting to bring back with me, just this (pandanus or screwpine plants) and maybe some seeds from the visit … but I ended up bringing back two plastic bags of …

… Maggi tum yam instant noodles as well!!! yeayyyy … merci, merci, merci ma chère amie!!! This was a surprise and a pleasant bonus, for sure!!

And the topping are these …

… some packets of instant rice porridge and sauces from back home, too!!! Awwww … so kind of you, my dear Nit (and your mum, too).

Just one question, dear … errr …

… may I know … when are you coming again for another visit??? hehehe … 🙂

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One thought on “Zermatt day trip…

  1. he he he kwang kwan kwang…ha ha ha…Insya Allah…would be real real soon coz everybody loves it sooooo much!!! Zermatt so breathtaking…away from it all…enjoy all your booties ok Sity? he he he…next time we coming u let us know what u need….we don’t need to worry about being over the luggage limit with so many of us going! Ciao! Muah muah muah


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