Special dresses for the library…

When the hubby first mentioned about this particularly interesting event called ‘La mode dans tous ses états‘ (Fashion in all its forms) at the Bibliothèque Municipale de Lausanne (in Chauderon) several months ago and even sent me a link to the news article on it … I had every intention of going to this library to check it out. But somehow when the time came I just totally forgot all about it … well, mainly because during that time I was back in Singapore, so I have good reason for not remembering and missing it totally lah!

But strangely …  even though I had been to the library a few times since then … but usually only for a quick browse through the English paperbacks (yup, thankfully this city library carries a reasonable collection of English fiction and a small collection of English non-fiction books – even a Tour of the Matterhorn by Hilary Sharp – to meet my reading needs) … I somehow managed to totally miss seeing the displays of exhibits from the event … ish, ish, ish … unbelievable, is it not?

It was only when the hubby pointed them out to me … when I accompanied him to the library last Saturday to borrow books on Colmar and Mulhouse (which we will be going to for our next weekend excursion) … that I finally noticed some of the exhibits from the exhibition which are still on display! Ai sey man … what a blur blob I am!

But still …  better late than never (to see them lah) … so I was glad to have got the chance to see these displays … of dresses made of various books and other paper materials destined to be pulped … before they are finally removed. What luck! 🙂

If you are interested to see the librarians themselves modelling the paper dresses during the event that launch the exhibits, you can take a look at the article and photo gallery, here. Otherwise … you can just look at the photos of some of the dresses that I managed to take lah!

There were a total of 11 dresses made for the event from old and unwanted materials that were removed as part of the library weeding of its collection. And the aim of the ‘La mode dans tous ses états‘  was to promote the library and boost its visibility … as the librarians found that there were still many Lausannois who were not aware of the library’s existence in the city centre.

Unfortunately, I saw only a few … as we were in a hurry to do the rest of our errands on that day.

A sundress made of Swiss ordnance survey maps … with a picture of the librarian who modelled the ‘mapped dress’ during the event, below it.

One of the three mini dresses that are on display on the wall near the counter and main entrance to the library. If the hubby had not pointed it out to me I would not have noticed it since it was placed high up the wall close to the ceiling!! Even though this is a good location,  however … maybe the librarians need to think how to make these interesting exhibits stand out more and be noticed. But to be fair, the hubby did explain to me that during the official exhibition period the display had been arranged differently with some proper space allocated to the exhibits.

A mini dress, made of comic strips.  So colourful and printful! hehehe …

Another mini dress on the wall made of paper strips with writings on it although the writings cannot be seen here, as the picture is not very clear. Sorry about that but I had to snap quickly as I was not sure about this library’s policy about taking photos in the library.  The last time when the hubby was chatting with one of the library staff, he was obliging enough to allow me to take photo of the cow bell hanging above him at the counter (when I pointed it out) … if I wanted to. I did want to … but unfortunately I did not have my camera with me that day so I could not take it! Awww  … shucks!!

Too bad that this particular male librarian was not on duty last Saturday when I had my camera with me so that I was only able to snap very quickly the cow bell! And that is why it turned out this way lah!

The large Swiss cow bell hanging above the counter near the entrance/exit. The name of the library, Bibliothèque Municipale de Lausanne is engraved on the bell. Lest you think that this cow bell is merely for decorative purpose …you are actually … wrong!

A staff will ring the cow bell about 15 minutes before closing time. That is right, it is used to inform users that the library will be closing soon  … very quaint, no? I lurveee it!! I find it sooooo … Swiss!! hehehe … 🙂


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