Prepping up the balcony for winter…

Last Sunday was another one of those lovely and beautifully sunny autumn days. Although the hubby was keen to do some cycling to take advantage of the beautiful weather … I was adamant that we do some serious tidying at home instead … in particular on the balcony! While the neighbour across had already prepped up their balcony for the coming winter and the possible onslaught of snow (whenever that will be, this year!) several weeks ago, we still had not done anything to ours … except that I had been slowly sorting and tidying up my plants and pots.

Although having an open balcony is wonderful for soaking up the sun and playing with snow in winter … it also means that we have to do the extra work of prepping up whatever furniture or plants that we have on it every autumn before snowfall, and later taking them back out to enjoy the warm weather and beautiful sunshine … haizzz so leceh!

So after reading that there might be some snowfall towards end of this week in some places, I thought it was best that we prepped up ours, too, for when snow falls … so that we are not caught off guard trying to protect the plants and the furniture only when it has already snowed! So poor hubby had a busy afternoon last Sunday 🙂

When it comes to cleaning … the hubby is very, very meticulous! So first … he cleaned the table-cloth several times … to make sure it was really and truly clean before folding it away for winter! But for the sake of fairness, he asked me to add that our balcony seems to be more exposed to dust than it was in our previous flat – even if we do not know whether it is from the nearby motorway or from the Tridel incineration plant in between Sallaz and Sauvabelin (whose chimney you can see sticking out above the chair on the left on the picture below).

Now, if you look across to our neighbour at the opposite block (on the same floor as us), all their furniture items on the balcony are all nicely covered and not a single plant could be seen on their balcony! Thankfully, it was not too late for us to do so as the weather has been exceptionally good this year … unlike last year when it was already snowing so heavily by this time in November!

Once satisfied that the table-cloth was clean, the hubby let it dry in the sun.

Next … he tackled the table using special cleaning product meant for wood. Blowing away at specks of dirt that had fallen into the groove in the table … to make sure that the table was really clean before we put it away.

And then he thoroughly cleaned the chairs, too.

The next morning, this was how the table and chairs looked like all folded and covered with thick plastic sheet. (ps: I have only just realised that our balcony plastic sheet is also in bright orange colour just like our sofa! So the exterior colour scheme matches the interior … even in winter! hehehe … :))

The hubby intends to cover another layer of clear plastic over it, even though we had put an additional separate plastic sheet on the table prior to this … just to make doubly (or should I say triple) sure that they are well and truly protected from snow and rain this winter (even though rain falls have been at record lows this year , i.e. since weather measurements were started in Switzerland back in 1864, leaving rivers half dry and dangerously depleting groundwater sheets)!

And … my plant shelves … putting on their winter jacket, yet again! hehehe … 🙂

Of course I still have more plants that I will have to move nearer to the wall when the sunny weather starts to turn … to avoid being deluged with snow during heavy snowfalls! So … nope, the prepping work on the balcony is still not quite finished yet lah.

By the way, not only was the weather during the day so beautiful last Sunday … the skyline in the evening was equally so! So much so that the hubby decided to pause while we were in the midst of covering the table and chairs so that he could snap some shots of the beautiful evening skyline!

Check out the gorgeous colour of the evening sky over Lac Léman (or Lake Geneva as it is known in English) last Sunday!!

A crescent rising high above the middle of Lac Léman.

A beautiful end to a beautiful afternoon … of working on the balcony! 🙂

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