Mont Sauvabelin and its tower in autumn…

The weekend after our excursion to the Aletsch region, we did another weekend trip to another region in Switzerland …  this time to Ticino, a canton where Italian is spoken.

But before I share more on what we did there, let me show you photos of how autumn looks like at Mont Sauvabelin. The pictures were taken when we brought the hubby’s cousin Dave there, as part of his weekend visit to our place. He had been to our flat just a few days earlier with the parents, for an unexpected short visit … during which we later took him together with the parents to visit the highly scenic region of Lavaux on our way back to the parents’ place in Lucinges.

On Sunday 30 October,  as I was not keen to go to Ouchy and watch the first runners cross the finish line at the marathon of Lausanne (although the hubby tried very hard to persuade me to go ;)) … we ended up taking our guest to see one of our favourite places and one much closer to home – the woods of Sauvabelin, where else!  And since we were in the area, we went up the tower of Sauvabelin, too lah! 🙂

Since that Sunday afternoon was really nice and sunny … there were many people out and about, enjoying their walk in the woods as well as going up and down the tower. So it was really a nice excursion … at least for me lah … and I had a wonderful time taking photos of the beautiful colours of autumn at Mont Sauvabelin. And so did the hubby, who had brought his camera with him and was able to take many a shot!

I am not sure that Dave, the hubby’s cousin,  liked the walk as much as the hubby and I did … (well, on his own admission, he ascribed his lack of deep-felt interest to his younger age) …  but at least it gave us the opportunity to see Mont Sauvabelin in autumn lah! hehehe 🙂 

Anyway, this is how colourful Mont Sauvabelin was on that penultimate day of October …

The woods and the wooden tower of Mont Sauvabelin in all its glorious colours in the morning light … as seen from our balcony. The nice weather continued into the afternoon, and it was so pleasantly warm that …

… we decided to have our lunch on the balcony that day … and we did not even have to wear warm clothing to do so! Lunch was just a simple fried noodle (with 3 types of condiments for cousin Dave to try with it) … after the fondue that we had for dinner the previous night. 🙂

And so after lunch, we got ready to go to the woods with our guest … so as to be able to check out the lovely colours there.

Up the wooden staircase, the start point of the woods from Sallaz.

And into the woods we went.

The beautiful colours of this part of the woods of Sauvabelin … I just adore the colours of the trees at this time of the year.

A lady jogger doing her run in the beautifully coloured woods.

Some of the paths in the woods were full of dried leaves … very pretty … and I just love the sound of my feet stepping on them. It reminds me of the similar sound that is made when one steps onto fresh snow. I also enjoy kicking at them! hehehe 🙂

Coming out of the woods …

… to the hall and carparks of Mont Sauvabelin. From here, we decided to go to the look-out point Signal de Sauvabelin, located to the left of the hall, after the carpark next to it.

Passing by this tree that was going bald pretty quickly even though the leaves were still not quite brown yet.

Signal de Sauvabelin … another look-out point in the area besides the wooden tower. Unfortunately as the sun was shining brightly, the view of both Lac Léman and the mountains could not be seen as clearly as on the clear days we were up there … a pity … and which is also why I am not sharing any photo of the lake view taken from here …

… except for this one!

… the setting sun, which I thought was quite pretty!

Leaving behind Signal de Sauvabelin to head towards the wooden tower.

Passing by this restaurant with a panoramic lake view located near the area … which we have yet to visit. I would love to have a drink there, one day, while enjoying the view! 🙂

And then walking past the carpark … to get to the other side of the woods …

… where the wooden tower (or tour in French) is located.

The trees seemed even more colourful here … and we were not the only ones enjoying the lovely colours, here … although the hubby and I seemed the only two who were busy taking photos of them! 🙂

The juncture just before reaching the tower.

And the wooden tower of Sauvabelin … in autumn!

Going up the hill to the entrance of the tower … and waiting for our turn to enter as there were quite a number of visitors who had had the same idea as us … to go up the wooden tower and enjoy the view on this autumn day! (The gate only admits one person to go in at the time …  for visitorship count and safety purposes lah … so as to avoid too many going up the tower at the same time).

Taking the stairs to go up to the top of the tower.

There was quite a crowd up the tower that day … so much so that I could feel the tower slightly swaying as a result of so many people moving around the wooden tower!

Unfortunately, the view of the surroundings was not as clear as on the day we were there in spring

… although the trees were certainly more colourful, this time!

Our place … as seen from the tower.

So … since there were not that many beautiful shots to be taken of the surroundings as the view was not clear, I decided to take a few snapshots of the view down below, instead! 🙂

The view of the gate to the wooden tower with wooden benches around it. We did not stay very long up the tower … partly because the view was not as clear and partly because there was a crowd, so we soon made our way down.

But not without stopping to take a quick shot on the first platform for those in need of a rest or halt. The colourful background was just too good to let it pass without posing against it lah! hehehe 🙂

Leaving behind the tower … and going back via another path leading to the small lake of Sauvabelin and a small animal farm. But we did not stop by the lake as it was getting a little late …

… but went into the other part of the woods that would take us back to the path leading to Sallaz.

It was really a nice walk … and the hubby and I were glad that we managed to take a walk through the woods while the colours there were still very pretty … because knowing how temperamental the weather could be … the colours might soon be gone!

But I think this last shot taken by the hubby shows how pretty autumn can be

… don’t you just love the colours!?


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