Back in Aletsch… hoping to see the lake of Märjelen…

After checking out from Villa Cassel  and taking some snapshots of the place, we soon headed out towards the forest of Aletsch again … this time to walk along the glacier and hopefully to visit a lake that is located not far from the glacier. We left Villa Cassel (and our stuff) just after 11.00am … and did not come back to collect our stuff until past 6.00pm!

With the many hours of walking … including climbing steep slopes when we got lost in the forest … during our 2-day stay in the region of Aletsch, it was no wonder that my legs were really in need of some pampering after we came back from our Aletsch trip! It hurt to lift my left leg when we reached home that night … and it continued to hurt for the next several days. And so, even though the hubby had intended to do some hiking when we went to Locarno the following weekend … he kindly agreed to give my legs a rest when I could feel the twitch of pain on my left leg our first day there … but only so that they would recover well enough for the walking we wanted to do in the region of Zermatt lah!

But it was worth the leg pain … being able to walk along the Aletsch glacier as far as we could, that day! An experience that I never thought I would get to do in my lifetime … but I did … and, of course, I hope to do again … errr … maybe along another part of the glacier … next year perhaps?? hehehe … 🙂

Okay … will not write too much so that I can let the photos do the talking, i.e. show you how it was, instead … so enjoy …

(psst … feel free to click on any panorama of Aletsch to see it in larger print or roll the pointer to display background information)

Back at Riederfurka start point for the second time that day. And just like the previous day, it was nice and sunny … but … still a bit chilly. It did not get warmer until well into the middle of the afternoon and then later got really warm … so that I ended up with a slight sun burnt at the back of my neck!!

But still … it was a clear and a beautiful autumn day for walking along the glacier! 🙂 Along the way, I saw this family stopping to enjoy their lunch at the picnic area where we had stopped earlier in the morning during our red deer spotting excursion. Hmmm … if or when we have children (or a child) … I would love to do the same!! No, not to eat our lunch here, too … but to do such a family activity in nature lah! 🙂

And it was nice too … to see others walking on the different paths along the glacier – in this case, two different groups.

As for us … just like this group, here … we were heading straight towards the direction of the glacier as we intended to walk further along the glacier … hoping to see lake Märjelen.

A view of another smaller glacier in the area, called Oberaletschglescher in German (which means the glacier above Aletsch), partly hidden … taken not far from the area in the picture above.

And a beautiful shot by the hubby … of the area that we had walked past, with the Matterhorn in the background. Quite lovely, no?

Approaching an area called Alte Stafel (located at 2,227m).

It is a look-out point cum picnic area with beautiful surroundings. Just check out the mountain view … (including a view of a smaller glacier that was shown in the earlier picture above, to the right of this picture) … plus …

… the view of the majestic Aletsch glacier!! So …  how could I have not stopped there to have my lunch and enjoy the view at the same time? Even a simple cheese sandwich tasted delicious in front of such a superb view! But of course the long walk helped to stir my appetite, too lah! 😉

As soon as we had finished our sandwich lunch … we quickly got back on our feet and continued our trek … as the hubby was eager to cover as much ground as possible as he was hoping we would get to the (now) tiny lake of Märjelen … a lake which some 30 years ago would still have huge blocs of ice floating on it, a bit like an Arctic landscape. He had read that the lake, adjacent to the glacier, would be found to the right on the second ‘curve’ of the glacier that can be seen on the pictures above/below.

But of course … with photo stops along the way.

Thank God for the beautiful sunny day … and with the beautiful colour of early autumn, … the setting was just perfect for capturing that beautiful shots of this world-famous glacier and one that, unsurprisingly, made it into the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites!

Everywhere we would turn … there were beautiful photo shots waiting to be taken!

Of course, my favourite is this shot that I took of the hubby walking near the edge so that he could take some nice close up shots of the glacier of Aletsch.

From there we continued with our way … walking along the glacier. This stretch of the walk was more impressive than the earlier ones because we really got to walk along the glacier with nothing to obstruct our view.

We walked a bit further than this point before taking another rest … as I was really feeling the heat from the sun. By that time … it was already well past 2.00pm … and we had yet to see any glimpse of the lake of Märjelen that the hubby was thinking of visiting! But from what he could see on the map that he had, the lake could be just several hundred metres away from where we were.

When we heard another couple coming from the opposite direction speaking French, the hubby decided to talk to them and asked them about the lake. Unfortunately, they had not seen it  … but this couple from France was really enthralled about their excursion in the region! (I understood the man’s appreciative and emphatic cette région est vraiment magnifique!) Interestingly, the hubby claims that the French tend to think their stretch of the Alps is the best because of Mont Blanc/Monte Bianco, which of course the hubby refutes … pointing out to the many beautiful glaciers in Switzerland and to the Dolomites in Italy, amongst others! (As an impartial person, I of course … think that they are all equally impressive and magnifique … in their own way! ;))

And so … after saying goodbye to this French couple and a little deliberation as to what we would do, we decided that maybe it was time to turn around and start making our way back in order to make sure that we would not be home too late. And so that was what we did … which proved a sound decision … because we did not arrive at Riederfurka until almost 6.00pm!

On our way back we took more photos along the way … especially those scenes that we had failed to capture earlier on or on our first visit to the glacier of Aletsch. And the hubby as usual … decided that he needed to go nearer to the edge in order to get a better shot!

And these are the shots that he took from that spot …

The view to the right …

… the middle (i.e. the first ‘curve’) …

… and to the left, where the glacier tapers off.

But when put side by side (with a little editing on my part but still not even, unfortunately, as we did not bring a tripod with us), this is the panorama the hubby had tried to capture …

… the long stretch of the Aletsch glacier from where the hubby was standing … 🙂

Leaving the glacier … as we walked back towards the direction of the forest to get back to Riederfurka.

The trail (along the edge of the slope) that we had walked along earlier on … and which we would have to take to go back.  I just love the view in the background … and …uhmm … notice any mountain peak that looks familiar? No? What about that spiky one? 😉

If you look closely at this photo, you will see that there is a couple sitting on the rock on the left doing what we had done earlier … having lunch and enjoying the magnificent view!! I cannot wait to do it again!

But for those who prefer to have a bird’s-eye view of the glaciers in Aletsch … can consider hang gliding, perhaps? Not me, of course!! hehehe …

Or could even consider renting a helicopter and fly above the glacier to have a closer look! This panorama should also give you a better idea of the proportions of the glacier of Aletsch!

A shot of the edge of the glacier with a few water catchments at the side (left) … and going around a bend on our way back (right).

From there, we had to pass (once again) a stretch where there were warning signs cautioning walkers of falling stones …

… and then passing again a long stretch filled with big stones.

And continue walking until we reached the junction here … where the path separate into separate trails heading to different destinations. While we deliberated on whether we should go back the way we came or take a different route (which deserved serious discussion after what had happened to us when we tried to do the same the previous day!) … we saw that another group (in the centre of the picture), who had come from the same direction as we did … seemed to be discussing their options, too!

Well … it was a beautiful area to take a break while discussing our options …

… as you can see from this photo. And if you look closely, there is someone (a lone lady walker) sitting on a rock not far from where we had stopped … enjoying and admiring the beautiful surroundings!

So what did we decide to do? That … I will share in my next … and last post for this Aletsch series lah! hehehe … 🙂

Hope you have enjoyed looking at the photos that were shared here … and if you do, would love to hear about it!!


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