Back in Aletsch… our early morning excursion to spot the red deer…

After the scare of trying to find our way back to Villa Cassel  from Hängebrüke  through the forest, in the dark … we certainly slept well that night … after a late dinner and hot shower. Unfortunately, we did not have the luxury of waking up late since we had an early morning date with a guide from Pro Natura to go and do some spotting of red deer in the forest of Aletsch. It was mating season for this species, so that the deer could be heard (very loudly!) and be spotted as they came out looking to mate at night and very early in the morning.

And true enough … just as I had suspected the night before, it was COLD that morning! So … I was so thankful that we had managed to find our way back the previous night before the temperature dropped significantly … and most importantly … did not have to spend the cold night outside in the forest! Phewww …

And so it was … that we found ourselves making our way back to the forest of Aletsch, very early that morning … this time with a group of people and for a different reason.  They certainly walked quite fast … at least at a much faster pace than we did (hubby included for once!) … so we had to do a bit of catching up in order to keep up with the group. Fortunately, as it was a trek to try to see the red deer and any wild animals that we might be fortunate enough to spot … the group made several stops as we tried to see these animals using the binoculars that had been lent to us … so this helped (me to catch up with them lah!).

But despite hearing them loud and clearly … we hardly spotted any red deer, unfortunately. But still … it was a nice experience to be doing a walk in the Aletsch forest, so early in the morning … leaving aside the cold, that is! 🙂

Do enjoy the following photos (simply click to enlarge) of our attempt at spotting red deer!!

Making our way back to Riederfurka start point at 7.00am the next morning … when it was still quite dark. But at least, this time round it would get brighter … instead of darker!! 🙂

The group spotted this chamois, not long after we had entered the forest of Aletsch … not quite the red deer that we were all hoping to see, unfortunately.

About half an hour later the sun started to rise … casting such a beautiful glow on the top of the mountain across.

A close up shot of the snow-covered mountain top cast in the glow of the morning sun — no wonder the second peak from the left is called the ‘red peak’ in German (Rotstock).

Another shot of the lovely morning glow on the mountain top as we walked.

The hubby … about to join the group which had stopped to observe something down below. I quickly joined them … expecting to see the elusive red deer …

… but it was just another chamois lah!! haizzz … The colour of the chamois turns several shades darker as winter approaches … as its body prepares itself for the cold season.

The Aletsch glacier in the background … as we walked towards it in search of the elusive red deer … with the morning sunlight casting a lovely glow.

A clearer view of the glacier of Aletsch in the morning light.

This was my favourite stretch of the glacier panoramic trail …  as it offers an unobstructed view of the glacier on the left and beautiful surroundings … as we walked.

The group stopping to rest … and to listen to the guide sharing interesting information about the red deer … which we, unfortunately, did not get to see at all even though we could hear them loud and clearly!

Our kind and pretty guide from Pro Natura of Villa Cassel not only shared with the group information about the red deer … she even carried with her, besides a large standing binocular … samples of the fur skin, the antler, the hoof … and even the droppings of the red deer (and chamois)!

By the way, this was the exact same spot … to be precise, the stone bench where she had put her big rucksack beside the sign post … where I had sat down to eat my lunch the last time we came to the area to see the glacier!! What a coincidence … 🙂

The view of the glacier from this spot

…. and that of the mountains opposite … the same ones that we saw in the pictures at the top.

It was quite chilly standing there … while trying to listen to the presentation by the guide. Thankfully not only was I wearing my thermal top inside my jacket, I also had my bonnet and mittens with me.  But still I could feel the chill … so I was glad when we later made our way back to the villa as it was time for breakfast … even though we did not manage to see a single red deer that morning! Hmmm … just no luck lah … but at least not as bad a luck as we had had the previous night, getting lost in the forest!! 😉

But we did spot several chamois during the morning walk!

Back in Riederfurka … 2 hours later … after the morning had broken.

We did not dally too overly long at breakfast … firstly because official breakfast time was over … but most importantly because we had to pack our stuff and get ready to check out. Of course, we would not be leaving Aletsch  just yet! But only to check out of Villa Cassel … before making another trek to the glacier … hopefully to see a lake located somewhere midway along the glacier … after leaving our bags in the locker room!


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