Enjoying the autumn colours from our balcony…

As we move deeper and deeper into the heart of autumn … it is interesting  to see how quickly the trees are starting to change their colours. Just last week I could still count and spot the number of trees or shrubs that had changed to shades of yellow, orange or red … but now I can see them almost everywhere!

But what surprised me was suddenly noticing how the colours of the trees in the woods at Mont Sauvabelin had started to become more colourful! It was brought to my attention when I looked at the area around the métro going home from the train station yesterday morning … and as we  passed by parts of the wood as the métro approached the station in Sallaz. And so I told myself that I must take some snapshots of the beautiful colours before they were gone. I had wanted to do so … but did not, last year … so the first thing I did upon reaching home was to grab the two cameras (mine and the hubby’s) and start taking several shots of the beautiful autumn scene from the balcony using both cameras! (so that I can choose the better shots for sharing lah! hehehe … :))

Even the hubby was surprised at how colourful the woods of Mont Sauvabelin had become when he saw the photos that I had taken! Poor hubby: he does not get to enjoy the beautiful colours as much as I do since it is dark when he leaves for work … and it is already dark when he gets home in the evening! The only time he gets to enjoy the beautiful colours is during the weekend … or when he takes the afternoon off, like the day before!

So this was how it looked like yesterday morning …

The view to the left of the balcony … notice that there are now more shrubs and trees that have changed colours compared with the time when I took a shot of the same spot … i.e. on Sunday!

The view facing directly towards the lake (which unfortunately could not be seen owing to mist over the lake early yesterday morning) … and …

… the view to the right of the balcony, facing Mont Sauvabelin. You can see the colours of the woods in the distance.

A closer shot of the woods … with the wooden Tower of Sauvabelin towering above it.

And a close up of the tower.

Of course … the other nice thing about autumn is being able to see some snow on top of the mountains … and this we could see very clearly from our balcony, too … especially on a good clear morning or day!

There was some mist yesterday morning … but I could still see the silhouette of the peak as well as that of the snow on the peak of the Grammont mountain range.

And a close-up of the Grammont mountain range … which we failed to conquer a month and a half ago! But … who knows … we might yet be able to make it to the top, one day! Never say never! 😉

And then, this morning … as I looked out of the balcony … the woods looked almost as if it was on fire as it glowed in the morning sun … so that I just could not resist taking another shot of the woods!


See … can you believe the burst of colours under the beautiful morning sunshine, this morning? It did not last very long  … but while it did … I really love the colours of the woods when it is like this, do you not, too? 🙂


3 thoughts on “Enjoying the autumn colours from our balcony…

  1. So far, tak pulak! I enjoy the snow and winter as much as I enjoy the other seasons. Although sometimes I do get a bit frustrated with the inconveniences … but not until feeling depressed. The feeling is quite different when everywhere is covered with snow .. difficult to describe. But … I think I might feel depressed if it is just cold … but no snow! hehehe ..


  2. sooooooooon all covered with white snow. Some people got depression in Winter Season. How about u CT?


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