Lavaux in autumn … glowing in the evening sun…

Yesterday was a day full of the unexpected!

Firstly, I was not expecting the hubby to be home. But without going into the details ... he ended up working from home in the morning and got to take the afternoon off. And since he would not be working in the afternoon, the plan was therefore to go and do a bit of shopping together in the afternoon since we did not manage to do all the shopping that we wanted to do last Saturday. Unexpected … but a nice change from my normal routine! 🙂

Well … that was we thought we would be doing in the afternoon … that morning lah! But … we later found our plan changed when the hubby received a phone call from the daddy-man … following his call to the mum … and his English cousin, who is there visiting the parents in France.

After being informed that the hubby would not be working in the afternoon … the hubby’s father later called to say that they would be coming over to our place that afternoon, then! Huh??? Hmmm … there goes our plan to do some shopping together yesterday afternoon. In fact, the hubby had even thought of going for another cycling trip after the shopping since it was another beautiful autumn day. It was so sunny and pleasantly warm that we could even sit on the balcony without any warm clothing on yesterday!!

Since they made two stops on their way to Lausanne … that gave us just enough time to prepare our flat for our visitors as well as for the hubby to do a quick trip to the supermarket! And the mom … as usual always very generous, came bearing gifts including some things which she had made herself! Awww … so sweet. It was really kind of her … but sometimes I wish she would not do so because our place is already brimming with lots of stuff … some of which I wish I could get rid off!  Well … the hubby knows my feeling about some of the stuff that we have! hehehe 🙂

Anyway … one thing led to another … and then before I knew it … it seemed that the plan had changed again … with us going back to France with them to sleep there and then go back the next morning … as per the usual practise, with the father when he goes to work! Aiiik!! How did that happen!??

So, another quick flurry of activity to pack our stuff for our overnight stay at the parents … as we had to leave soon so that there would be enough time to do some sightseeing. Since the cousin had never been to the Lavaux region, it was decided that we would take him there. And from there … instead of turning back towards Geneva, the father would drive around Lake Geneva instead … passing through Vevey, Montreux and Territet … before entering France via St-Gingolph .. and then passing through Evian along the way. Too bad that it was already dark by the time we reached the French border… so that we did not get to see the lake view as well as we would have during the day. But still … it was nice and interesting to have made the trip around Lake Geneva … in a car … with the parents and hubby’s cousin!

Although I have already shared pictures of Lavaux in my earlier post … I am sure you will enjoy looking at more pictures of this highly scenic region … this time in autumn! 🙂

Making our way through the small village of Grandvaux … this time on foot (as cars are not allowed in the village unless you happen to live there).

Remember this window style? There were several such old buildings with similar windows in the old town of Lutry. But this particular one, here, caught my interest because there is still a string attached to the pulley!!

A clock tower in the village … which separates Place Hugo Pratt look-out point, on the left … and the restaurant Restaurant du Monde, which has a panoramic terrace, on the right.

Place Hugo Pratt … with the statue of Corto Maltese overlooking the panoramic view.

Hubby showing and explaining the view to the daddy-man. Now that we are getting closer to mid-autumn, the mountain tops are beginning to be covered with snow … what a beautiful sight, no?

The very panoramic view from Place Hugo Pratt. We were lucky that the weather was so beautiful yesterday … which made the view from here even more breathtaking as a result of the beautiful glowing hues from the sun’s golden rays.

And since there were plenty of photographers that day … we thought we might as well take advantage of it … and have our photo taken against such a beautiful backdrop!! 🙂

Making our way to the restaurant … not to eat or have a drink …

… but to take some snapshots of the view from the edge of the restaurant lah! hehehe 🙂

What else is there to say except that the people who live in the houses on this side of the village are … very lucky!!! The terraced vineyards looking almost dark red in the glowing evening sun.

Close-up view of the mountains in Valais and France … the lake almost seems to merge with the mountains, no?

Leaving the terrace and making our way back to the carpark. The terrace and Place du Village was glowing so beautifully yesterday, bathed by the colour of the evening sun  …

Some Grandvalliens (habitants of the village of Grandvaux) felt that they had to pay tribute to the village’s all-important agricultural activity by including wine-related elements in the decorations of their houses!

Although Grandvaux is a small village … there are several wine producers based there. The daddy-man found it hard to resist the temptation … and so he decided to go to one that was open … to see if he could get a bottle or two. Well … he ended with three bottles instead!

Cully, the parking lot near the more than two-hundred year old plane tree (right) and Place d’Armes.

The beautiful golden-orange reflection of the vineyards of Lavaux reflected onto Lac Léman as seen from Cully, another small village which offers breathtaking views of the lake and mountains.

What we really like about Cully is the almost soothing feeling we get from being able to enjoy an unobstructed view of Lavaux, Lac Léman and the mountains in Valais and France … very relaxing!

The pier at Cully where passengers of Compagnie Générale de Navigation (CGN) embark and disembark against the backdrop of the mountains on the French side. It is a favourite fishing spot, too … it seems. 🙂

Beautiful sunset above Lac Léman and the Jura chain. The sun was so strong that it hurt my eye … even now by looking directly at the sun from this photo! Hmm … I do not know how I managed to take the shot, yesterday!

The beautiful landscape one sees while driving along Route Cantonale/Route du Lac. Notice the snow-capped peaks … highlighted by the sun glow.

The last few golden rays before the sun disappeared and everything was dark … as we left the area.  A nice picture to end our entry on what was a beautiful (and unexpected) day… 😉


4 thoughts on “Lavaux in autumn … glowing in the evening sun…

  1. You are most welcome and I am glad that you enjoy the photos!! Makes the sharing worthwhile knowing that others find pleasure in looking at them. 🙂


  2. Ct, the picture no. 10 & 16 were very nice. I took a deep breath and let it go while looking at it. Thank you very much.


  3. Hi Arena, many thanks for stopping by and for your comment,Yes, Switzerland is truly a beautiful country (and so is the canton of Vaud, which is the canton where we live), I am blessed indeed.


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