Cycling to Chalet à Gobet … to enjoy the beautiful colours of autumn …

Although yesterday I was reluctant to go on a cycling trip, the hubby convinced me that we really had to do so if only to make sure we would not miss the beautiful colours of autumn that he was expecting to see on the trees at Bois Clos, near Chalet à Gobet (an area out of Lausanne where the Lausannois like to go to at the weekends to do some jogging, cycling or, in winter, sledging/skiing).

Since I had already been on this very same route on two occasions previously (first in September of last year, then in May of this year as part of Journée Lausannoise du vélo), and I would have preferred that we stay at home to take advantage of the sunny afternoon to do more cleaning and tidying … the hubby, therefore, had to do some amount of coaxing to persuade me to put on the winter cycling gear he had recently bought me. In the end I gave in and we took our bicycles out of the bicycle room on the ground floor.

Since I am quite bad with directions and map reading … the route details below are, therefore, courtesy of the hubby, who insisted that we should provide details of the route we took so that others living near the area could try to do the same, if they so wish! But if you are not interested, you can skip it lah!

So after leaving home, we cycled along Avenue de Valmont, then under the motorway and uphill, again along Avenue de Valmont until we passed the football pitch, then we passed by the university laboratories at Epalinges, turned left at the M2 station of Croissettes and took the small path called Sentier de l’Arzillier to go through the woods bordering Route de Berne (which is the motorway one needs to take to reach Berne, the capital of Switzerland).

From there we cycled along Chemin de Montéclard, a street bordered on the right with a meadow that is still used as grazing ground for cows, until we reached Chemin du Polny, which marks the beginning of an even steeper uphill course. At the intersection with Route du Village, the road changes its name to Chemin du Ruisseau-Martin, which we cycled along until we reached another junction. We then cycled uphill again along Chemin de Praz Buchilly, past initially a wide expanse of grazing and arable lands on the left, some houses and, then again on the left, past Lausanne’s sprawling golf course.

Upon arriving at Route du Golf, we turned left and then right again onto Route des Corbessières, then right onto Chemin du Praz d’Eau, which we cycled along until we reached Route de Cojonnex, just in front of Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (a famous hotel school of Lausanne). We cycled along the rather flat Route de Cojonnex until we reached the cark park of Chalet à Gobet. From here, we took a small path on the left, just in front of Centre Sportif de Mauvernay (a sport centre from which mountain bikes can be rented or where one can take a shower after a run along one of the many tracks in the area). This path runs along the beautiful meadows and hills of Mauvernay, which are used in winter for sledging, gentle slope downhill skiing (i.e. mostly for young children who are learning to ski) as well as cross-country skiing (that is, provided there is snow, as this winter’s season was disastrous and the ski-lift was not used much, I would say!)

We continued along this path until we came across Route des Corbessières, which we cycled along to get back to Chemin du Praz d’Eau and then we followed the same route in reverse order (but at a much faster pace) to get home.

So here are the routes we took … in photos … enjoy … 🙂

The path going along river l’Arzillier across a wood. It must be almost scary at night, no? The hubby takes this path when he goes on his one hour-long runs. But he has not done many of late … hence is not taking part in the next big event on Sunday, the Lausanne Marathon.

Approaching the area where I found my strawberries this summer … unfortunately, the trees on the right have been cut down. The hubby offered to push both bicycles so that I could enjoy the beautiful colours and take photos of the area.

Having left Chemin de l’Arzillier, we now started along Chemin de Montéclard

Meadow with cows at Chemin de Montéclard.

Some nice red colours to mark the last stretch of a very steep road (18% steepness) … at Chemin du Polny. There is a covered walkway with water fountain at the top of the slope … which unlike in May when it was filled with colourful flowers … was devoid of a single plant when we passed by yesterday.

Before residential houses were built, this area was 100% farmland … the farmhouse on the left is a typical farmhouse from the canton of Vaud.

A very tall apple tree (with still some apples on the tree) … standing alone on the border of another steep road: Chemin de Praz Buchilly (praz is an old local word for pré, the French word for meadow).

A stretch of vegetable farmland … but I have no idea what its name is! It must be one of those winter vegetables, I reckon.

Route du Golf, which passes along stretch of the wide expanse of valuable land only for the golf courses of Lausanne (on the left) … as we headed towards Route des Corbessières.

The same road as we looked back …

A meadow … with mountains seen on the horizon … on the other side of the golf course … a better use of land, I would say!!

Beginning of Route des Corbessières, which leads deep into the woods if you were to follow this road over its full course.

And then cycling along the flat road of Route de Cojonnex to reach Mauvernay.

A favourite spot of hubby’s in autumn … the rows of trees at Mauvernay.

The beautiful colours the trees were putting on display for us at Mauvernay.

There were lots of other people walking near the edge of the trees on the other side (an area called Côte de Mauvernay) from where we were cycling. A beautiful sunny autumn day to be walking near the woods, for sure! Some of course chose to sit and just enjoy the beautiful colours of the trees …

… while these two decided to do so on their horse back. It really was lovely to see all these people out and about enjoying the beautiful day.

But … sunny and lovely though it might look … it was not a warm day!! I could feel the cold biting me very hard when we cycled fast downhill! My body might be warm enough with the three layers of clothing I was wearing for our cycling trip … unfortunately, I was not wearing proper cycling gloves! So my fingers were slowly but surely starting to freeze as we made our way to Mauvernay! And as we tried to make our way home quickly … taking shortcuts so that we could get home faster … my fingers became increasingly more and more painful … so much so that at one point I just had to stop for a while so that I could blow some warm air onto my fingers … as I was afraid that I might lose them to frostbite!!!

I know, I know … I was just being paranoid … but I really thought at that time that if I did not do something to warm my fingers I might lose them since all I could feel was just pain and nothing else! Hmmm … I vow that … that will be the one and only time … that I will go cycling in autumn … not without proper gloves, I mean!! 🙂

But yesterday was full of beautiful colours in more than one way. Not long after we reached home … the sun started to set. And this was how the sunset looked yesterday …

What a beautiful wash of colour over Lake Geneva, no?

And the Tower of Sauvabelin as it was bathed with beautiful colours at sunset yesterday … simply beautiful!!! I looikeee!!! 🙂

Now … for those of you who would like to follow our small cycling trip, there is this wonderful online tool which should allow you to do so: the satellite views available at Google Maps for Switzerland. Although Microsoft’s Bing offers the same service, it is not as up to date as Google is for the region we live in. So if you were to type Chemin de Bérée, Lausanne (which is the street where we live) in and then use the Traffic option (just below the world map button on the far right), you would be able to display scalable satellite views so as to follow the route we took to get to Chalet à Gobet.

Another interesting feature is Google’s Street View, the little orange person located below the white compass/above the white magnifying tool on the far left which you have to drag and drop to a specific location to find out whether or not its surroundings have been shot by Google and assembled into an immersive environment that is navigatable.  For instance, by typing the address 50 Chemin de Bérée, Lausanne in you would then reach a point near our place for which there is a Google Street View immersive environment you can navigate … should you be interested in taking a ‘sneak view’ of the area where we live. Of course, it is far more interesting to try these services out with your own home address first lah! 😉

Other entries on cycling in the area on this blog and on the hubby’s


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