End of nice autumn weather equals end of excursions… for now…

We arrived home safely last night … fortunately not too late. We had a wonderful time in Zermatt … but despite the sunny weather … it was COLD there! The hubby, who normally takes the cold much better than me … could not stop complaining about feeling cold while we there! In fact … he complained about the cold more than I did! hehehe … šŸ™‚

But it WAS cold … since theĀ temperature hit as low as 1Ā°C in the morning when we went out for our hike to the mountain. And even when we were up on the mountain in the sunny afternoon … it was quite chilly up there.

After checking out the weather forecasts this morning …Ā I can tell youĀ thatĀ were we glad to have gone for our Zermatt excursion the recent weekend instead of the coming week! Because … it seems that the temperature is going to drop towards the end of the week with maximum temperature less than 10Ā°C in Lausanne. It will, of course, definitely be much much colder in Zermatt (1,620m)Ā which is more than double the altitude of Lausanne-Vennes, where we live. And some rains are expected during the week, too. Oh well … now that we are deep into the middle of autumn, I suppose the weather is not going to get better nor warmer!

So … now that beautiful autumn weather is about to pass, I suppose our weekend excursions will stop for now. Errr … well … not until winter … when we hope to do some raquette trips and winter excursions next lah! hehehe …

For now … with no further excursions planned in the immediate horizon … I will try to use that time to share all the previous excursions that we haveĀ done overĀ the past few weekends. And this week will be recuperating time for my poor self… as I had aggravated the pain on my left thigh with our hike yesterday, which had not healed properly from our strenuous hike in Aletsch, two weeks earlier … arrghhh … šŸ˜¦

In the meantime, this is how it looked like in Zermatt yesterday morning as we were about to start our hike on the Matterhorn trail. The Matterhorn certainly looks good in the background, no? But the sunny weather was deceptive, I can tell you that!!


4 thoughts on “End of nice autumn weather equals end of excursions… for now…

  1. Thanks dear … trying to get the “rajin” mood to share the other excursions… but it seems to be on AWOL! And yup, my legs are better than a few days ago. Could hardly lift my left leg when I got home last Sunday! Maklumlah umur semakin mudakan … šŸ™‚


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