In search of another lake on top of the mountain… at Casanna

I had hoped to share the second part of our stay in Klosters before we left for our weekend trip to Ticino but I did not managed to do so. And since we reached home past midnight on Sunday … yesterday was spent doing housework, especially lots of ironing! And so today, I finally have more time on my hands to continue sharing about our trip to Klosters and its surrounding area lah.

So what did you think of the village of Klosters? It is a lovely place, is it not? Even my sister fell in love with the place just by looking at the photos that I had posted on the place! hehehe …

Like most mountain resorts, Klosters is at its busiest in winter when it comes alive with many winter sporting activities. I suppose it would be nice to visit Klosters in winter and be able to rub shoulders and share the snowy slopes with ahem… the British royalty … but I think, for me, it is nicer going in summer since it is less crowded lah! hehehe … 🙂

And since Klosters is also famous for its mountain slopes (more for skiing and snow boarding in winter and for mountain biking or walking in summer) we decided to go up and enjoy its mountains, too! Fortunately for us, as part of the summer offer for staying at the youth hostel in the Davos-Klosters area we got free passes for travelling on the train within the area as well as their cable cars. So we got a free ride up to the mountain … nice, no?

So, hope you will enjoy these photos which we took to record our trek to get to the lake on top of Casanna … PS as usual, you can click on the panoramas to enlarge them or roll over them to obtain background information.

Making our way to the cable car station Gotschnabahn that would take us up, up, up to the top of the mountain that we saw from our balcony!

Yup … that is the mountain that I was referring to … as seen from our room and balcony at the hostel. It does not look very impressive when seen from far, right? But wait until you see the photos that we took on top of THAT mountain!!

Besides the usual walkers or hikers … there were also a number of cyclists with their special mountain bikes and gear getting on board the cable car. There are mountain bike tracks going down from the mountain top which are quite popular among mountain bike enthusiasts looking for thrills in summer.

Arriving at the top … with temperature around 9°C (as shown on the big sign board) … and grey clouds hovering above. Hmmm … it did not seem like a good time to be up on the mountain, right?

The view of the valleys of Prättigau, Vereina and Mönchalptal plus the opposite mountains as seen from beside the cable car station. Quite magnificent, I thought …. until we got even further and higher!

Leaving the cable car station behind and making our way to the other side of the mountain towards Casanna.

We had not walked very far when we saw a lookout point with a dustbin and a bench … for visitors to sit and rest while enjoying the view of the valley and the lake of Davos down below. But instead of stopping to rest … the hubby got busy picking all the litter left there (including discarded inner tubes of bicyle wheels) by inconsiderate and irresponsible visitors only metres away from two rubbish bins! Really … the litter was an eyesore on that otherwise beautiful place! Shame on these inconsiderate people! We left after the hubby has cleared all the rubbish that he saw there! Ahhh .. my Ta! 🙂

While making our way towards the ridge of the Grüenhorn mountain, we spotted these little creatures which almost blend with the colours of the surrounding! Do they look familiar … or maybe I should ask whether you can spot them on the picture above? 🙂

They are the marmots … wild ones not like the ones we saw at Rochers-de-Naye! We saw not just one or two .. but a few while we were there! Upon closer inspection we saw that the whole area was full of holes or burrows in which they scurried into when we tried to get closer!  They look quite cute, do they not? 🙂

View of Lake Davos, as we walked higher and higher up the ridge.

Walking along the ridge of the Grüenhorn mountain … as we left the area (where we saw the marmots) behind us. Fortunately, the sky started clearing during our walk and there was beautiful sunshine … so we were able to have a pleasant walk and were able to enjoy the beautiful mountain and lake views!

At one point we had to climb up a flight of stairs going up. Not sure whether because of the nature of the trekking that we had to do … or because I had been travelling for hours just the day before … but I felt a little lightheaded at some points of the climb and had to stop a few times and leaned against the mountain slope to try and settle my “head”, which felt as if it was about to spin!! Argghh …

But it was definitely nice to stop just to relax and enjoy my sandwich!! (Maybe it was the hunger pang that made me felt a little dizzy!! ;))

But after lunch, we made our way up the ridge again. For added security, wire cables were provided to make sure that hikers could walk some stretches of the narrow path, safely … especially around a bend. Now you can understand, why I felt a little dizzy at some points!!

But dizzy or not … it did not stop me from taking photos of any interesting alpine flora that caught my interest and the scenic landscape along the way! hehehe … 🙂

And it was really scenic!! A nicer stretch of the walk … where the slope is more gentle and kinder to my head!!

Getting nearer and nearer to the jagged peaks of the mountain. The hubby decided at this point that he wanted to climb one of the peaks in this area in order to get a better shot of the scenic landscape! Well … I have to say that I was not too pleased with that idea but … no stopping a man when he get an idea into his head, right?

So while he went to do his thing, I waited at the grassy patch to get some shots of the landscape myself (but from a safer angle) … and praying that he would be safe!!

One of my favourite shots of the area. The mountains looked so magnificent when seen from this vantage point!! It also gave you an idea how far away and how high we had walked from the cable car station (which you can see perched on the edge of the mountain top).  And in case you did not realise it, we were able to see glaciers from here, too.

A closer shot of the glacier of Silvretta above the valley.

The shot taken of me waiting on the other side, ie. on the Grüenhorn (which peaks at 2501m) … from the top of the Grüenhornli (its little sister), where the hubby had climbed to take better shots of the area.

A view of the valley which the hubby got to see from his vantage point.

The view on the right side … where the cable car station is located and from where we came.

And even further to the right of that. So majestic and magnificent-looking the Swiss alps from where the hubby was, no?

Taking a rest and enjoying the splendid view while we ate what was left of our lunch before continuing our walk.

Making our way onward towards Casanna. Walking along a narrow rocky path at the edge of the mountain slip. Just further ahead (on the right picture) …

… we had to climb a steep incline with the help of a string. It was not long after we had climbed this incline that we saw …

… nope … not the lake lah … but that there was still a looooong way to go for us to find that lake!! And the path was narrower and more “thrilling” than the ones we had left behind … hmmm.

And so after making the decision that it was time to abandon the idea of trying to reach Casanna and looking for the elusive lake on it … we made a u-turn and made our way back towards the Gotschna cable car station to make sure we would be on time for the last cable car going down.

Walking along the ridge, on our way back towards the Grüenhorn, therefore leaving Casanna behind us. Another time, perhaps??? 😉

From where I was (as I waited for the hubby to catch up with me), the hubby appeared almost tiny as he walked on the path along the slope of the mountain ridge (if you try hard you should be able to spot him). But the view on the other side of the ridge was just beautiful, no?

Although it had looked okay when we walked up this same flight of steps to go up to the other side of the mountain … somehow it looked a little frightening to me when we made our way down it, seeing how high we were!

Thankfully, we arrived safely back and in time at the station to catch the last cable car down to Klosters.

The mountain bike track going down the mountain slope (left) and the glacier of Silvretta (right) as seen from the cable car while we made our way down. We even caught sight of a marmot along the way!

Back to low ground at the cable car station in Klosters.

Down near the cable car station when searching for a water source to wash our muddy shoes, we saw that there was an area provided for the mountain bikers to wash their bikes which had got quite dirty and muddy when making their way down the mountain track.

Hmmm … no wonder this place proved quite popular among mountain bike enthusiasts! They have certainly done all they can to attract these mountain bikers! We saw more mountain bikers making their way to the cable car station the next day when we were leaving. See the heavy padding these cyclists are wearing as well as the motorcycle-like helmets? It just shows that they are prone to falling while riding downhill or over logs, rocks or whatever else … does it not? Even though we own mountain bikes ourselves …. errr … I think I will keep to our style of cycling for thrill… by sticking to proper road and less dangerous path lah!!! hehehe 😉

And so this sum up our short get away to the beautiful mountain resorts of Klosters and its majestic mountain from 8-10 Sep 2011. Hopefully next year, we’ll get to visit the area again!


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