Reeling from the long hours of walking in the Aletsch region…

As you might have read from the previous entry by the hubby (who was very eager to share our walking adventure in Alestch yesterday), we spent our two days in the region doing hours and hours of walking! And in the process we took loads of photographs of that beautiful area. Although it is tempting to start to sort through the many photos and to start uploading them for sharing on this blog … I will have to save that for another time lah … because right now I am still reeling from the long walk that we did for two days … barely two days ago!

Yup … yesterday I could hardly lift my left leg to cross over the balcony doorway to go to the balcony … and this morning while I was trying to do a bit of reading on the internet I found my lower back starting to hurt quite bad after sitting a little too long on the chair … arggh …. age really is catching up with me!! boo hoo …

But despite losing gallons of water from perspiration doing the walk in the hot sun and getting tanned (but luckily not burnt as the hubby was very conscientious in laving ourselves with sun protection oil) … and an extremely aching feet at the end of our walk (it was tough to get up and move once I had started sitting down to rest towards the end of the walk!!) … I was very happy and glad that we did it! And you will know why later … when I share the photos of our walk on this blog!

The first thing I did yesterday after I got up from a much needed rest and had a cup of coffee was to spend time on the balcony to make sure that my plants were ok. And since the strawberry plants that I have are still fruiting nicely including the alpine variety … I decided to plop some juicy and sweet strawberries into my mouth for breakfast while I watered my plants! hehehe …

And yesterday evening, we decided to have a very early dinner for once and had our light meal on the balcony to take advantage of the warm and pleasant autumn evening. And just like what I had been dreaming of … after the meal, I just had to turn around from the chair I was seated to pluck some red cherry tomatoes and only walked 2-3 steps away to pluck some red strawberries for desserts! Now … that is what I called a good life!!! 🙂 Jangan jeles!!! hehehe …

Of course, there was also the ripened mini grapes if we had wanted to eat them for dessert too … but maybe we’ll keep these mini grapes for the next meal time on the balcony!

Okay have to stop right now because I am writing this entry while standing because my lower back hurts to sit!!!

Looking pleased with our long trek at one of the higher point during our walk … as we made our way back from the glacier area to collect our bags at Villa Cassel (but still about 50 minutes on foot from where this photo was shot) … although I am now feeling the after-effect of that long trek!! Ohhh .. my … back!!! 😦

Thankfully, this coming weekend trip will be less strenuous … at least that is what I think! We are just going to attend the Castagnatas (Chestnust Festival) in Ascona. But … I have just learnt that the hubby is thinking of doing a bit of trekking in the nearby area, too … oh, oh …


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