Outline of two days in the Aletsch region…

As wifey had mentioned in one of her last posts, we spent Friday and Saturday in the beautiful region of Aletsch, hoping to make the most of the beautiful weather we have been enjoying for the last ten days or so. I am very proud of her because we spent six hours walking on Friday and nine on Saturday … which is why I felt I had to write a short teaser entry on these two days, if only to pay tribute to her stamina on our walking trip in the areas around the glacier of Aletsch.

Our trip to the gorges of Massa on Saturday afternoon included walking through such terrain …

… followed by a long walk back to Villa Cassel through thick forest in … shall we say … not particularly enjoyable conditions (even though it could have been much worse) with the constant roar of beasts in rut echoing around us …

In wifey’s future entry on Day Two, you will read about why we made it to the glacier twice on that day, the first time sufficiently early to catch the beautiful light that is to be seen when day breaks in …

… as well as where these photos were shot and whether or not we managed to see mountain lakes on this trip … so please make sure to come back and also be a little patient as half of the entries mentioned in my previous teaser post have yet to be published …


3 thoughts on “Outline of two days in the Aletsch region…

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  2. Yes, the superb panoramas one can enjoy from the kilometres of pathways along the glacier are indeed worthy of post cards.


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